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Taylor Swift Red Carpet Style

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Country croonerTaylor Swift is famous for her number one singles and her rock star fashion sense. At every awards show, the songstress is automatically on the best dressed list, but with the starlet’s most recent romance with American royalty Connor Kennedy we’ve decided to compile Swift’s best style moments to review if she is future Jackie Onassis worthy or not. 

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NEWS / April 11 2012 4:07 PM

Madonna’s Record’s Record Drop, There but for the Grace of Kelly Goes Kidman and the Wedding Gifts That Keep on Giving

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American Apparel CEO/noted scumbag Dov Charney doesn’t think that he’s “inappropriate at all”  and that all those lawsuits are just “a testimony to [his] success.” His success at being completely unaware of his own inappropriateness. [Styleite]

- Thank you for tweeting a friend. Betty White has joined Twitter! [Twitter]

Madonna has set yet another Billboard record…this time for the biggest second week drop in chart history. Madge hasn’t seen a fall like that since she bent over to look at her face in the mirror. [Paper]

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CELEBRITY / March 9 2011 10:02 AM

Gaga Offs Target Over Anti-Gay Donations

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When it comes to Target‘s political affiliations, Lady Gaga thinks the retail giant misses the mark [badum-ching!]. Mother Monster has nixed plans to sell an exclusive special edition of her upcoming album through Tarzhay, citing their donations to MN Forward, “a political action committee that supported antigay candidate Tom Emmer in his failed 2010 run for governor of Minnesota,” according to The Advocate.

Gaga Offs Target Over Anti Gay Donations

NY Daily News/ AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach

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