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Natalie Portman Wears Rodarte on her Wedding Day

Black Swan actress Natalie Portman married choreographer Benjamin Millepied in a small ceremony last Saturday night. There was mass speculation on who the Oscar-winner would wear on her big day, but it turns out she donned none other than the designs of sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy behind the label Rodarte

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Katy & Baptiste Sitting in Karl Lagerfeld’s Tree, Vogue Italia’s Haute Mess and Madonna’s New Video a Musical Cougar Town

- Katy Perry has allegedly been canoodling with fellow talentless popstar/Karl Lagerfeld avatar Baptiste Giabiconi. [Daily Mail]

Vogue Italia‘s “Haute Mess” editorial has been accused of being “insensitive and condescending towards low-income stereotypes.” Meanwhile, those low-income stereotypes have been setting trends for ages so the only insensitive thing is the lack of royalties. As a wise woman once said, “Show me the receipts.” [Refinery29]

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The Fashion Behind ‘The Artist’

They’re sweeping up at the award shows and stealing everyone’s hearts, and the cast of The Artist is shining under a spotlight that grows brighter each day. But behind the Oscar nod for Best Picture (among many other nominations it has received) is that killer fashion from the 1920s — flapper, avant garde, art deco glam. And The Artist isn’t alone – think about how Midnight in Paris, Boardwalk Empire and soon enough The Great Gatsby are full of 1920s fashion glam. Here are a few ways to channel it.

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Top 10 Most Stylish Ingénues

Hollywood is buzzing with ingénues — young actresses who are typically cast as innocent or naïve characters, which is ironic in itself since there’s nothing innocent or naïve about anyone in Hollywood. There are, however, a crop of lovely ladies who stand head and collar bone above the pack, due to their talent, their beauty and their sense of style. Of course, one could argue that they all have a team of stylists and professional gays that keep them looking flawless, but you can throw anyone in couture; some sink while others end up doing backstrokes all over the competition. These are the 10 gals who are setting both the screen and red carpet ablaze. Let ‘em burn!

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