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Warmth Is Where The Heart Is

Love is in the air, and there is nothing I love more than jewelry. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I dug deep into my jewelry arsenal to pull out my favorite hearts, which I “heart.” These pieces all have a deep meaning and sentimental value. My advice is to always wear your heart on your sleeve as well as around your neck. After all, when you don a piece you hold near and dear, it helps you shine and sparkle even more!

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How to Stay Sheepishly Hot Like Tom Brady

While it’s coming up Spring on this balmy February 1st, I find myself thinking about our [mutual] friends in the Midwest. How cold it must be out there, hardly feeling any of the finer effects of global warming. So to you, bundlers of the cold Middle America, we are sympathetic to your dire need to wear suede boots lined with sheepskin. We dug around for some that aren’t, well, ugly. And gentlemen, know the shoes that Tom Brady swears will keep you foot-balls warm. 

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CULTURE CLUB | January 12

Google+ May Actually Have a Purpose

It’s about time Google released its master plan! Google has announced it will integrate Google+ into what will be called “personal results.” Now, when you search anything on Google, you have the option of seeing what people in your social networks are saying about the topic – it’s not just at the bottom of the search anymore!

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BEAUTYFUL | December 23

The Craziest Nails You Will Ever See

I stumbled across this post on nail art on MTV Style, and my first reaction was shock. Then it quickly changed to feeling amazed and creeped out. The images sprawl from Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine which showcases photographs from all over the world that capture local nail sculpture art. You’ll find everything from the history of nail art to each cultural expression with nails.

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25 Days of Gift Guides : 5 Gifts Under $50

Maybe you got a bigger year-end bonus than expected this year. Or maybe you didn’t blow your entire wad on the Brown Thursday-Black Friday-Cyber Monday never-ending-retail-weekend of Hell. Or perhaps that Christmas fund you started at the beginning of the year has accrued some serious interest. Either way, you’ve got a little more than $25 to spend on gifts this year and you want to show that special someone in your life how much you mean to them with the help of our nation’s 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant. 25 Days of Gift Guides continues down Santa Claus Lane with five great gift ideas under $50

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