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FASHIONVILLE | February 28

Trending on Milan Runways: Leg Bombing Soldiers Get Catty

Milano bared its wild side, and also the desire to restrain such urges. With leg bombing slits and curvature illusions sauntering about, it got a bit catty. Then strength in numbers and uniform brought it down to a demure, modest place. These five trends from Milan Fashion Week are fighting to be worn in harmony. 

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FASHIONVILLE | November 28

Amina Kaddur Wears an 80s Halo for View of the Times Magazine

With bold shoulders and a cinched waist, Amina Kaddur poses before the lovely lenses of photography duo Andoni & Arantxa for View of the Times Magazine. Something about her face and the majestic halo surrounding it conjures memories of our greatest supers, and stylist Michele Bagnara makes it easy to imagine with pieces from Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Blumarine and Louis Vuitton. See the spread after the jump.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 29

Full Color Spectrum of Spring Fashion Week

Amongst the bevy of busy prints that has shaped this fashion week, we’ve noticed how equally represented Roy G. Biv has been. These shades, however, are unique to now, with a sense of vibrancy. According to designers in the Big 4: New York, London, Milan and Paris, it’s going to be a colorful Spring. Taste the rainbow

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