MUSE OF THE WORLD: Hilary Alexander Trades in Fashion for Cats, Anna Gets the Boot and $10 Mil a Week in Sales Can’t Save AA

- Everyone’s favorite banged and bespectacled lady fashion writer and recent CFDA Award honoree Hilary Alexander will retire as fashion director for The Daily Telegraph at the end of June, leaving a hole in my enlarged heart. However, she urges us not to be sad: “I love fashion.I’ll still write occasionally for the DT. I can have a cat,study archaeology +write books!Fashion lives” Fashion lives, but space between words is dying a slow death via Twitter. [Fashionologie]

- The sight of Anna Wintour in Easy Breezy Tennis Casual was at first jarring. Then my mind was officially blown when I learned that she was in $158 J. Brand boot-cut jeans. Not because they were $158 J. Brand jeans, but a boot cut! I recently dug up a pair of flairs that I may or may not have stolen from a fifteen-year-old girl and of course proclaimed that the boot-cut was back. Anna Wintour is totes copying me, you guys. [The Cut]

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