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Indie Boutique Hunting Made Easy with New Search Site

You know there must be hundreds of exhilarating independent boutiques around this city just waiting to be discovered, but you’re a little sick of waiting to discover them. You’re a busy lady, you don’t have time to stalk the streets in hopes that you stumble into an adorable store selling your (new) favorite local designer. That’s why a genius site has arrived to help you search, sift, and shop small: Boutiika

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BACKSTAGE | August 22

Luxury Lands In Montreal: Shop SSENSE

Luxury Lands In Montreal: Shop SSENSE

If you haven’t heard of by now, my friends you are in for a treat (the stylish kind, not the caloric kind).  SSENSE is a killer online luxury retailer with just one brick-and-mortar shop located on a beautiful cobblestoned street in Old Montreal.  The site has been a major influence in online luxury retail since 2003, with over 10 million visitors monthly  and over 400,000 visitors per day.


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BOUTIQUE CRITIQUE :: A. Turen : Look 1

Across from the comically delicious Meatball Shop on Stanton St. in New York sits a boutique that boasts some ballsy moves of its own. Alongside brands like Timo Weiland, Martin Margiela and other emerging talents, storeowner Ashley Turen carries her own collection of hand painted pieces. Here’s where balls of steel come in to play: she hand paints vintage Chanel bags and coveted concert tees (see them here this week). For the shopper that wants something rich with history and a fresh coat of paint, A. Turen is the destination.

Want the look? Shop A. Turen and get 10% off when you mention you FashionIndie!

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Boutique Critique:: Court: Look 5

Shop owners Lisa Fuller and Nicole Tondre do more than simply run their deeply designed Soho boutique, they’ve also created some of the top merchandise in it. These women have put their knowledge of fit and sales further into business and designed their own line of jeans. With a slew of varying washes, ankle-lines and a touch of stretch, these jeans are about to get seriously courted.

If you’re courting Court, go now and get 15% off when you mention FashionIndie.

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Boutique Critique:: Court: Look 2

This Court room is a treasure trove of layers. Especially with the majority of pieces being shades of black and white, the garments are merchandised to live with one another, complementing and interchanging. I clothe myself by the philosophy of layering, so to have selected a dress, a single solitary layer of clothing for Look Two, you know this dress must be super fascinating.

Got yourself a Court order? Mention FashionIndie and receive 15% off!!

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