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Older stories
FASHION / February 8 2012 12:53 PM

Under a Hot $100: Betsey Johnson Kissing Fish

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The early bird catches the fish, but the fashionably late catches them kissing. Scaled in aqua with eyes of tangerine, the little swimmers give a smooch on your wrist. Of course something this wildly happy and joyous would come from the smiling mind of Betsey Johnson. Stack it or wear it solo, it will never be truly alone. 

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FASHION / December 15 2011 12:45 PM

Sam Lim Guest Edits Her Favorite Accessories on Boticca

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If you don’t know about yet, you’re in for a fashionable treat.  With stylish fans like Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo, the site boasts over 230 independent designers from over 40 countries! Our lovely editor in chief  Samantha Lim  is among one of their latest guest editors, and today she shares her style secrets, fashion photos, and favorite Boticca picks with you! 

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Barbie’s Dreamhouse, On Your Finger!

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When we were all little girls and little gays, we had a mega size Barbie Dreamhouse in which to live out our fashion fantasies.  Now that we’re all grown up, the Barbie brand has collaborated with Noir Jewelry to shrink down our mansion dreams to this adult-friendly version for your finger.  More whimsically feminine pieces after the jump.  

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FASHION, GIRLS, NYC / March 17 2011 8:57 AM

Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 4

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In a Début, where each brand is in its early stages of formation, is it possible for storeowner Lisa Weiss to have a designer wish list? “We always have a long list but in order to stay true to the concept and keep our installation as is ends up limiting us. The rotation helps by freeing up space and offering more space for new designers to gain exposure.” When they first opened, they had to scour the world for the best fresh collections; now new designers flock to Début. In such a transient place, one might begin to yearn for a place where we can follow these selected designers beyond the first few seasons. Enter e-commerce. Weiss is looking to launch a web store to bring back some of the alumni designers. I’ll sit tight for that grand Début.

Want the looks now? Shop in store @DebutNYC and mention FashionIndie – get 10%off!

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BACKSTAGE / September 1 2010 9:29 PM

How To Wear Your Summer Tan

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How To Wear Your Summer Tan How To Wear Your Summer Tan

So as summer starts to look to fall the question really is, how do we make the most of the suntans we have spent all summer cultivating? Elle Macpherson might have one of the most classic celebrity suntans. The Australian beauty definitely knows how to look chic even in …

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BACKSTAGE, BEAUTY / August 18 2010 11:12 PM

It Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage

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SOURCE:It Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage
It Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage
Sarah Jessica Parker is famous for her role in the luxe and fashionable Sex and the City,
although her fashion sense doesn’t stop there. Known to have great
style, she’s been spotted in a chic and trendy outfit while out and
about as she combines gold and black to create an alluring combo for
this fall.

*CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWIt Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage

First you must find the right shirt, like her very own: the gold-hot Halston Heritage Lamé Jersey Pleated Long Sleeve Blouse.
This top has great versatility as well – you can wear it out to the
clubs, to a nice dinner date, or for a refined and casual look, with
some flattering dark-wash jeans! Of course Sarah Jessica Parker looks
club ready with the addition of the Halston Heritage Faux Leather Leggings,
which flow with the top and elongate your figure while offsetting the
extravagance of the top. But the outfit is never complete without some
trendy accessories.

Shop the look below:

It Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage

It Look: Sarah Jessica Parker In Halston Heritage

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GIRLS, MEN'S / August 6 2010 4:00 PM

Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

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Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

Can You Find Which Black & Gold Bangle Set Costs $38 Less Than The Other?

Find the less expensive lookalike with all of our Taste Tests. Shop our guides to the best bracelets and the best jewelry staples. Subscribe now for exclusive fashion updates.

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BACKSTAGE, MEN'S / July 19 2010 11:00 AM

Honeymoon: 7/19 – 7/25

Edited by

It’s about to get intense, Honey Bees!  This week, privacy will be stripped away, moods will be unpredictable, and romantic prospects will be bonfire hot – depending on your place in the Zodiac.  Wondering what’ll get you going this week?  Find out here.


This week, the private will become public – so you’d better start practicing your your your Poker Face!  Keep your head up (and perhaps some big sunglasses on) and handle the resulting frenzy as gracefully as you can.  Lashing out will only cause further damage to your rep, once everything blows over.  Celestial Style Tip:  Marc by Marc Jacobs Studly Small Hexi Hoops are an industrial-style riff on usually sweet mini-hoop earrings.


Break out of your bullheaded holding pattern, Taurus.  Change is coming – in a major way – and to make the most of it, you’ll have to shrug off your routine and dive unafraid into uncharted waters.  There may be moments when you want to run and hide, but it’s by boldly charting a new path that your dreams will be realized.  Celestial Style Tip:  Kenneth Jay Lane’s Enamel Bow Ring is a cocktail ring with pop art appeal.


The stars have aligned to encourage intense intimacy this weekend, making it the perfect time to get away with your boo.  Take the time to explore your hearts and souls, but be wary of your tendency to offer more than you receive.  It may be time to remind your lover that there’s no “I” in love.  Celestial Style Tip:  B-Side by Ken and Dana’s RIGHTS multi-case and chain necklace is a statement piece in both the sartorial and political senses.


This week, the universe will revolve around your relationship – and encourage some real talk.  If you find that your favorite Rude Boy (or Rude Gal) is acting more aggressively than usual, don’t be afraid to step up and express exactly what you want and need.  You may both see red at first, but before you know it you’ll be setting off fireworks.  Celestial Style Tip:  No one will mess with you, when you’re wearing Species By The Thousands’ Thin B Ring. 


The week will be mostly uneventful until you reach the day of rest.  On Sunday, stardust will shower you with inspiration, and the proverbial light bulb above your head will be a beacon to similarly motivated souls.   This meeting of the minds could lead you to create a blockbuster project, or to simply connect with a fabulous new friend.  Celestial Style Tip: House of Harlow by Nicole Richie’s Feather Earring with Crystals turn a hippie fave into gypset fab.


Opportunities for romance will be everywhere this week, Virgo!  You may find, though, that the road to love is quite quirky during your upcoming ride.  Roll down the window and throw your cherished expectations to the wind!  You’ll enjoy your companion’s company so much more, if you do.  Celestial Style Tip:  Low Luv x Erin Wasson’s Faceted Boulder Ring is a beautiful, abstract take on major jewelry.


Your heart will be full all week, but on Sunday it’ll be overflowing with love.  The stars will shine on your partnership prospects, so if you’re single get ready to be swept right off your Havaianas!  If you’re already well matched, your bond will be romantically reinforced.  Celestial Style Tip:  Vanessa Mooney African Beaded Bracelet alternates beads with rhinestones, for a look that conjures the earth and stars.


You’re a born romantic, with the tendency to take a running leap before you look – and this could cause some drama this weekend.  The universe will encourage you to proceed with caution, and if there’s any time to sweat the small stuff, it’ll be then!   It’s okay to jump in, just be sure to read the signs before you do.  Celestial Style Tip:  Kenneth Jay Lane’s Jade Link Necklace looks divine with any summery white-on-white ensemble.


Get serious, Sag!  No joke – this week will be all about putting your nose to the grindstone and getting to work.  Your diligence and intensity will earn you mega brownie points, but with ruling planet Jupiter beginning a backward spin, you should pay careful attention to how you communicate (so you don’t render praise moot).  Celestial Style Tip:   David Page By Timo Weiland Black Polka Dot Collar will add office-appropriate whimsy to your workday wear.


Your calm, cool, collected façade will fall away this weekend, when the stars spark your deepest emotions.  It’s okay to lose control of your feelings, as long as you don’t lose control of your actions.  Your relationship may face some friction in the face of your moodiness, so tread carefully when it comes to dealing with your boo.  Celestial Style Tip:  Aldo’s decadent Hussar Earrings have an elegant look that defies their price.


The word of the week is extreme, Aquarius!  Your emotions, behavior, and possibly even your appearance, will be way out there.  Circumstances will be ideal for you to go after what you want – even if you rattle a few cages.  There are times when a little drama goes a very, very long way, and this is one of them.  Celestial Style Tip:  Shashi Golden Nugget Necklace is ideal for the Honey Bee who wants to avoid over-embellishment, but loves to shine.


When it comes to playtime this week, you’ll be riding shotgun.  Leave it up to your crew, or your cutie, to find the party, but to guarantee a good time don’t be shy about putting your two cents in.  You may not be leading the pack this time, but your input is mad essential.  Celestial Style Tip:  Lena Gilded Weave Wrap is a sexy, suede bracelet that’s fit for an off-duty pop star.

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