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Christopher Raeburn Morphs Military Surplus into Award-Winning Fashion

Christopher Raeburn has been hitting up England’s army for their used parachutes to create the chicest nylon windbreakers, raincoats, et al. As a staunch Brit and an ethical designer, everything is entirely “remade” in East London. He’s the first designer to be awarded NEWGEN‘s men’s and womenswear award in the same season! Launching a collection with Moncler for Fall 2012, Raeburn is making moves; growing big enough that the Army is running out of parachutes for him. Look, and see why.

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LINKLOVIN | April 23

Vogue Festival Draws a Fashionable Crowd

Coachella wasn’t the only fashion-forward festival going down this weekend. On the other side of the pond industry luminaries — ranging from Tom Ford and bff Stella McCartney, to Diane von Furstenbreg and Dolce & Gabbana and Natalia Vodianova and Rachel Zoe – regaled attendees of the inaugural Vogue Festival with advice and anecdotes on a series of panels during the two-day event. After the jump, a few highlights.

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Bookclubbin’: Jimmy Choo XV

To commemorate its first fifteen years, Jimmy Choo teamed with Rizzoli to produce Jimmy Choo XV, highlighting the iconic cobbler’s fifteen most significant shoes. From Carrie Bradshaw‘s watershed Feather shoe in a 2000 episode of Sex and the City to the powerhouse pump it has become today, the coffee table book is the ultimate source on all things Choo.

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