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CULTURE CLUB | November 6

Sweat Factor: Extreme Celebrity Workouts You Won’t Believe

Many celebrities are known for their crazy workout sessions and intense diets. From liquid cleanses to countless hours in the gym, we’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that we will never look like them. And while many celebs claim we can do it too, we’re thinking they might be slightly crazier than we thought. Call us lazy (or just normal), but we don’t like to spend more than a good hour in the gym, let alone six.

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Thrifting and Drifting into Santa Fe Kowboyz Territory

Out in the wild wild southwestern Santa Fe, I touched my Native American roots (blood-wise, I have none) while technically trespassing onto an Indian Reservation in the middle of the night (true story).  Having survived (we lost one), I traipsed back into Kowboyz territory and got myself a shiny new (old) pair of cowboy boots, and a skirt for side saddling into the sunset. And well whadaya know, folks like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Elton John and Madonna have all done traipsed in this here establishment before me. 

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12 Acoustic Jams For Your Next Rainy Day

A classic is a classic, but sometimes a song you love can be too intense for the mood you’re in.  Rainy days are the perfect excuse to snuggle up in a n•a•p blanket and relax to some chill jams.  For the next time it’s thundering outside, plug out and listen to our 12 favorite acoustic covers.

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