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Older stories
NYC, STREETSTYLE / September 1 2012 10:09 AM

What the Last Night of Burning Man Looks like in NYC

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Black Rock City came to Brooklyn last night as the closing ceremonies of Burning Man were live streamed onto bubbles of sheets that contained cuddle puddles. This is Disorient NYC, where costumes are handmade, the dancing is electronically unstoppable, and most would have rather been in the middle of the desert doing it. Be dazzled by some of the wildest burners not at Burning Man

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NYC, SHOPPING / August 22 2012 2:15 PM

Mobile Vintage Shop Claims Corner in Bushwick

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In the depths of Brooklyn’s Morganville (that industrial work ground/hipster haven off the Morgan stop in Bushwick) sits a vintage venture that’ll getcha on your way to dinner. One minute you’re going to meet your artist friends for some sushi at MoMo, and the next thing you know you’re inside the back of someone’s RV flipping through thrift, and dropping a ten spot on a sweet sweater at 10:30 PM. Welcome to The Mobile Vintage Shop

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DESIGNER DAILY / July 12 2012 11:00 AM

Two Blue-Handed Girls Dye Upstate

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WANTED. With a devious twist on the ancient dyeing method of shibori, Brooklyn neighbors Kalen and Astrid wrap and tie and dip and dry capes, caftans, throws, and more in indigo dyes. They are made by hand to order within 12 days of purchase,  It’s an Upstate New York mentality of handicraft with a New York City state of efficiency and spot on silhouettes.

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DESIGNER DAILY / July 5 2012 10:00 AM

Mary Meyer does Chill Cool Girl Basics from a Painter’s Perspective

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Mary Meyer was once a painter whose sartorial ambitions exceeded her wallet’s limitations. Thus, she began making clothes that she wanted to wear. And people just started buying it off of her. She’s still a painter. As a graduate of California College of Arts & Crafts, her fine arts skills take the place of the a design background. It happened organically, and her smart, chill downtown basics are happening right here and now in Brooklyn. 

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