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Harper’s “Bazaar” Attempt to Make Me Spend Money

It’s hard for a hardened fashionite to admit love to a single publication, being that there are sooo many options, and no mere mortal has the time, or the bank account, to purchase and privy all the amazing editorials produced each month in lesser known titles like Acne Paper or Purple Mag, which is why it’s refreshing for me to be able to admit that Harper’s is my hands down, favorite big box, kind of the equivalent of Walmart to Dazed & Confused‘s mom & pop, fashion glossy.

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Penis Talk, High-Fashion Crowns Fit for a Queen and Lady Gaga Forced to Cancel Concert Over Outfits

- This is the cover of Azealia Banks‘ upcoming EP, 1991. [Styleite]

Kidult has responded to the  $689 Marc Jacobs T shirt bearing his handiwork by releasing a “Not Art by Kidult” T for 6.89 Euros. [High Snobiety]

Harrods is celebrating Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee with 31 redesigns of the St. Edwards Crown — what she wore to her coronation in 1953 — by the likes of MulberryLanvinValentinoBulgari and Tiffany’s.  [Fashionista]

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LINKLOVIN | January 26

Olsens Elect Prada Head for President of The Row

It’s an election year and in that spirit, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have already turned in their votes for president. The twin titans have hired François Kress, the current president and chief executive officer of Prada USA, as the new president and chief operating officer of The Row

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$60 Million Worth of Jewels & 16 Armed Guards Serve a Photo Shoot

Wall Street Journal was occupied by women of the 1% persuasion that drenched themselves in $60 million worth of gems, diamonds and other precious stones for a shoot that required 16 armed guards. Though the diamonds themselves are worth protecting, these legendary women might attribute to the level of concern. Joan Juliet Buck, former editor of French Vogue shares her tremendous personal style and some insight into style points she cannot live without. And other formidable fashion elders let us in on what makes an older woman stylishly strong. 

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Muse of the World: Christina AA-guilera

Christina Aguilera is quickly becoming my favorite diva trainwreck, especially since everything’s relatively quiet on the Whitney Houston front. Apart from flubbing the National Anthem, nearly falling at the Grammys and passing out in Jeremy Renner‘s bed, Aguilera also called her brother’s girlfriend a whore and threatens to fire anyone who even suggests she might have a drinking problem. Xtina hasn’t inspired me this much since belting “Beautiful.”

Muse of the World: Christina AA guilera

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INDIEGRAMS | September 28

Matthew Williamson for Bulgari

These bags are beyond extraordinary. Matthew Williamson found some vintage inspiration when he designed his Bulgari handbag line.

Matthew Williamson for Bulgari“I had a pretty free brief,” the designer told InStyle UK, “so I skimmed the archives from about 1950 forward and came across the hexagonal shapes of the clutches that I embossed on the leather and that are also a part of the kaleidoscope print of the fabric bags. I added my own heart print for synthesis.”

Matthew Williamson for BulgariMatthew Williamson for Bulgari

If I don’t get my hands on one of these, I’m going to cry. But they’re clearly going to be hella expensive. “Obviously the Bulgari customer, who is a woman who appreciates great quality, glamour and luxury,” Williamson said. “In a way, they are the same principals of my own customers, although I see my line as slightly more bohemian and more relaxed.”



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Uncategorized | September 1

Bulgari Ad Banned from Venice

Bulgari Ad Banned from Venice

Venice has imposed many rules and regulations over the past few years to preserve its history and heritage. Even food made its way on Venice’s don’t list, as it is banned from certain outdoor spaces (to avoid littering). At the same time, Italy is renowned for its …

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