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THE TEN: Hot Mess’ (Via Buzznet)

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Eleven Past Eleven created a hilarious list on Buzznet in honor of Cobra Starship’s new album ‘Hot Mess,’ counting off the celebs (and wannabe celebs) that they believe to be a hot mess.  We usually love to have tens of our own, but this was too clever to pass up.

1. Amy Winehouse: Hot: For being a popular british singer, and bringing back the Beehive; Mess: For being a notorious drug addict and alcoholic, having unnattractive teeth, and eating disorders, ect.

2. Trace Cyrus: Hot: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, being Miley Cyrus’ big brother; Mess: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, His face, Twitter-Dating / Twitter-Breaking up with Demi Lovato, Whispery-Rapist voice.

3. Pete Wentz: Hot: For being the bassist of Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpsons hubby, & being the owner of Clandestine Industries, Crush Management, and Decaydance Records, OH. And his guyliner; Mess: For leaking n00dz, having random panic attacks against the press & for supporting The Millionaires.

4. Gabe Saporta: Hot: For being the lead singer of Cobra Starship, and having hypnotizing hips; Mess: For deciding to manage and support a band called Millionaires.

5. Jeffree Star: Hot: For being known everywhere; Mess: For scaring small children, creating Scene kids, ect.

6. Lily Allen: Hot: For her self confidence and clever song writing skills; Mess: For flashing, and fashion faux-pas

7. Guy Ripley: Hot: For his accent; Mess: For stalking Cobra Starship / William Beckett a little too much.

8. Ryan Ross: Hot: For once being loved for his Rose Vest and peacock hairdo; also being the cute guitarist backup singer for Panic(!) At The Disco; Mess: For completely changing the sound of PATD into a Beatles-esque band, then quitting said band. As well as a random and misleading marriage.

9. Ronnie Radke: Hot: Known for singing ‘Situations’; Mess: For being put in the slammer, due to assault charges.

10. (And my favorite) Perez Hilton: Hot: *Original* Founder of Multicolored Hair trend; Mess: Bad mouths and whines; And can’t take a punch.


Thank you Eleven Past Eleven, thank you.

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MUSIC FAIL: ‘HARD Summer’ Gets Shut Down

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Ravers expected to see Underworld, DJ AM, Steve Aoki, Crystal Castles, A-Trak, Chromeo, Crookers, and more (sounds like an amazing show!), but unfortunately couldn’t see anything.  The fest which should’ve went down as the dance party of the year, was shut down due to lack of security and increase of wanna-be ravers.  HARD reported themselves:

“We are terribly sorry. Inglewood PD made the decision to shut down the event tonight much to our astonishment and yours. There are many questions to answer; rest assured you will not be left hanging. Please check back soon.” Information regarding ticket refunds has not yet been released.

That sucks!  I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed that I didn’t know about this fest, or that I would have been if I was surrounded by so many fashion fails and not even allowed to see my favorite DJs.

Loved the hilarious commentary (and photos) via Buzznet

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LOVE OR HATE?: Taylor Momsen And Pretty Reckless At The Music Box

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Taylor Momsen dresses in leather and lace for her band, Pretty Reckless’ show in LA at the Music Box (they opened for the Veronicas). What do you think of this look?  

I think the heavy black eyeshadow she normally wears clashed a bit with the bright red lipstick (only to match her lacy red dress)..but love the boot/dress look.

See the rest of the pictures, and read the full breakdown on Buzznet

WTF!?!: Peaches

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Dance-punk act Peaches performed at The Henry Fonda Theater in LA (shot by Derekx). WTF is that pink creme puff thing happening? And also, that’s a girl, apparently.

SOURCE: Buzznet

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