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BEAUTY / March 9 2012 11:30 AM

Beauty School: 8 Hunger Games Looks & How to Master Them

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The Hunger Games movie is upon us, Indies. In fact, I just bought my midnight premiere ticket. But how in the world can we stave off the pain of waiting a minute longer to see Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark fight among 22 other tributes to the death on the big screen? We have eight Hunger Games beauty looks for you to enjoy before the lights go down and the curtain lifts on opening night. May the odds of mastering them be ever in your favor.

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BEAUTY / February 20 2012 12:15 PM

How To Achieve the Sexy Bedhead Look

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Don’t you wish you could achieve that beachy, bedhead look without doing much to style your mane? Some girls have the hair to pull it off, and they can just roll out of bed and go with naturally tousled, seductive locks. But if your hair is straight or even prone to frizz, you can still get that sexy bedhead look in four simple steps. Click through our gallery and find out how easy this DIY style is.

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BEAUTY / June 21 2011 12:23 PM

How To Refresh Tired Summer Hair

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Spending the day in the sun is obviously fun, but it can drain the life out of your locks. After sand, sweat, chlorine and harmful UV rays, how can you spruce up your hair for a night out? If you need some quick fixes for tired, limp summer hair, we have some great tips on how to refresh summer hair so you can look as vibrant as you feel.

How To Refresh Tired Summer Hair

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BEAUTY / April 6 2011 1:54 PM

How To Get Stick Straight Hair & Keep It Frizz-Free

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With spring rain and summer heat, it seems like a chore to achieve ultra sleek, super straight hair. But you can do it well without going through expensive, and sometimes hazardous, salon straightening treatments. This how to guide will help you get stick straight, 70s hair from shampoo to finish.

How To Get Stick Straight Hair & Keep It Frizz Free

Anna Sui Spring 2011 & doo.ri Fall 2011

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BEAUTY / November 17 2008 11:00 AM

Carol’s Daughter Releases Their First Celebrity Fragrance; It’s Mary J!

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Carols Daughter Releases Their First Celebrity Fragrance; Its Mary J!

Venturing into new endeavors, company Carol’s Daughter, has decided to pick up their first celebrity fragrance! Who’s the lucky investment? Mary J. Blige! Coming out with the fragrance, My Life by Mary J. Blige, Carol’s Daughter is hoping the scent “creates a complex fragrance with layered notes inspired by nature.”

Thanks NYMag!

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