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Older stories
CULTURE, FASHION / April 2 2012 2:17 PM

Is the Luxury Industry Serious About Sustainability?

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The annual 1.618 event, founded in 2010, was held in Paris this weekend where the focus was on “Sustainable Luxury.” With the luxury industry under mounting pressure to provide transparency and accountability, 1.618 brought together some 40 firms, foundations and innovators to discuss cleaning up luxury’s act. However, the three largest industry players — LVMH, PPR and Richemont — were largely absent. Since they control the majority of the luxury industry, will luxury ever truly green its ways?

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FASHION, FILM / March 2 2012 3:35 PM

Take a Journey Through Cartier’s 165 Years in “L’Odyssée de Cartier”

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It took a crew of 60 people three months to condense Cartier‘s 165-year history into the three-and-a-half minute short film, L’Odyssée de Cartier. The result is a fantastical tale told through the eyes of the jeweler’s spirit animal, the panther. Since the 1930s, the panther has been emblematic of the house of Cartier, thanks to then-creative director Jeanne Toussaint, otherwise affectionately known as La Panthère — Lady Panther. From charging through the Siberian snow, to staring down a giant dragon in China,  riding on the back of the world’s largest elephant through India, hitching a flight on an early 19th century flying contraption to Paris and finally canoodling with Shalom Harlow, the panther takes us on a journey beautifully rendered by director Bruno Aveillan. Strap yourself in and get ready for a magical trip around the world and through the ages with L’Odyssée de Cartier.

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FASHION / January 20 2012 7:36 PM

BROADCAST: Eye On Times, Watches On Net

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You’re up on the times, all the time. And you tell it like it is. You’ve got a watch for every hour of the day, and need a place to get your fix for more. has all the timely wrist candy you could want. You can a $500 watch for $50, or a $25,000 master-time-piece for the ballers in the room. From Gucci to Cartier to Hublot, find what speaks to you. Check 12 hours worth of time-telling jewelry here from WatchesOnNet.

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NEWS / December 14 2011 7:49 AM

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Sets World Record, Selling for Over $115 Million

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Leave it to Elizabeth Taylor to go out with a bang worthy of a movie star. The auction of Taylor’s — “impressive” seems to be a gross understatement at this point — epic jewelry collection was expected to raise $30 million, but by the time the last bid was placed, the 80 lots fetched a staggering $115,932,000, drop-kicking the record for a private collection previously established by the Duchess of Windsor‘s $50,281,887 auction in 1987. 

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FASHION, NEWS / September 2 2011 8:52 AM

Call the Glambulance! Cynthia Rowley needs a Band-Aid and You Need $2,500

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Emergency! Emergency! Fashion Police! Quick! My skirt has been caught in my underwear for the past 3 hours at the office, my bandeau just slipped a nip and I just stepped on my bosses foot with my spiked Louboutin – there’s blood everywhere! Someone get me a Band-Aid.  Someone, call the Glambulance!!! The glambulance will come to your rescuse, as will Cynthia Rowley. Not only does she have super cute band aids to stop the bleeding, but she’s also giving away HUGE prizes to those of you with the best/most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctioning moments. 

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