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FASHIONVILLE | December 19

A Funny Thing About Fashion & Charity

If there’s one thing that always remains on trend it’s fashion/charity collaborations. Between the CFDA, Vogue, and Elle, we’re regularly bombarded with charitable initiatives, fundraisers, designer collaborations, and Tom’s Exclusives, that remind us every few weeks to make a difference with our wallets, while adding a new bracelet or villager boat shoe to our closets.

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Feel Good Friday: Scarves that Vogue With Madonna & Party in Berlin

Front Row Society tapped I Heart Berlin founder Frank Schröder for a scarf collaboration. Using kaleidoscope cutups of Schröder’s photography from parties and the fashionable backstage, they’ve created eight scarves with chic printed madness. Like Frank voguing with Madonna(‘s poster), models making out, and red nails luxuriating in gold. Why should this make you feel good? For every scarf they’re selling, they’re shelling a percentage of it to a good cause. 

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Feel Good Friday: SSeko Clutches Send Women to College

In addition to making sandals that save the world, Sseko has a new line of clutches that are helping to put Ugandan women through college. In exchange for 9 months of work making these adorable fringed, striped and zig zag woven bags and multifunctional sandals, these recent high school grads will have the opportunity to learn more, and become even more of a positive agent of change in the world. And that’s something worth holding onto.

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Feel Good Friday: Get Naked For a Cause

When you slowly peel the silky, form-fitting Italian micro-modal off of your (or your man’s) body, you know you’re going to feel good. Among the many reasons this is pleasurable, surely topping the list is that the purchase of these boxer briefs helped students in Ghana get computer labs. 

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