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Hangover Hanger: Today’s Best Online Sales

Sunday Hangover [suhn-dey, hang-oh-ver]  (noun): The horrific hangover one wakes up with after a weekend full of drunken debauchery.

Partying your Saturday night away can be a blast, but waking up hungover the next morning may just be the worst feeling ever.  Our favorite remedy: a bunch of online retail therapy, direct from your bed. Here are our recommendations of where to shop this weekend.

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6 Stylish Ways to Stay Cute AND Comfy on an Airplane

Oh the joys of an airplane ride. Cramped seating, terrible snacks and dehydrating air is no picnic in the park, but the destination is almost always worth the journey. Besides toting a quality toner and bringing your own sandwich on the plane, what else can one do to stay comfortable without compromising style? These six pieces let you keep your cool while providing you with the most cozy airplane experience possible.

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CULTURE | May 26

3 Steps To Faking Your #MDW Out-Of-Town Vacation

Is your schedule so packed you didn’t even know it was a holiday weekend? Does packing a bag and commuting for hours sound like nothing but more stress?  This story is for those of you who are exhausted from “living the dream” and need a little R&R, no Caribbean plane ticket necessary.  

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