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FASHIONVILLE | November 19

Have Women Lost the Ancient Art of Feminine Charm?

We’re 21st century gals, raised knowing we are societally equal to the men in our world. With androgyny now a fashion fixture, putting power bitches on top, we’ve been raised healthily headstrong to dominate a pair of Doc Martens as kick ass as a six-inch heel. But perusing, I got this momentary longing for a sexual divide in Reena Desai’s article, A Woman’s Power to Charm. Charm is our first and last alluring accessory, and our ancient feminine power may be getting squashed by our current frame of mind. 

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FASHIONVILLE | September 18

It’s a Squiggly Sketchy London Spring

Last spring was all about the florals (ground breaking), so for 2013, London Fashion Week designers are bounding back with something a little more unnatural. It comes from the margins of your notebooks in the days before MacBooks. It comes from wistful daydreaming against boring lectures. These are doodles, and they’ve dropped in, squiggling down the runways of Christopher Kane, Louise Gray and others. See which designers have been super sketchy. 

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