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CULTURE, FASHION / July 31 2012 12:37 PM

Obsessing Over MATCHBOOK, Where Bikinis Meet Their Match

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We are going absolutely crazy for a cool new summer Tumblr you need to check out immediately. Have you ever wanted to match your swimsuit to your summer beach reading? Obviously, if you’re anything like us, and MATCHBOOK makes it easy. Whether you’re reading a classic or a novel that hit the newsstands in recent years, chances are you’ll find a perfect match.

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FASHION / July 20 2011 2:53 PM

Worst Tan Lines of Miami Swim Week

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At last week’s Miami Swim Week, designers ran the gamut between the skimpiest bikini to full coverage one pieces. Then there’s that are in between that, that leaves the funkiest tan lines behind. We found the bathing suits that, while they may look super cool on, will have you looking a rather streaky naked.

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GIRLS / June 25 2008 11:29 AM

Sir Mix O Lot Thouroughly Endorses Karolina Kurkova

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Sir Mix O Lot Thouroughly Endorses Karolina Kurkova

So a former Victoria Secret model hit the runway of San Paolo Fashion Week last week and caused a ruckus when her thunder thighs shook the rafters. News stations around the globe are starting to report on this story, because we all know that a woman with a little extra weight on her in a bikini is front page news.

Listen, from these photos I can honestly say that this “super” model had a bit too much junk in the trunk to be strutting down the catwalk and while I’m all for keeping the anorexic chicks off, I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a batch of porkers on the runway.

Kurkova who’s 24, is best known for her superfit physique and for being listed by Forbes as one of the top paid models in the game.  I’m sure she was paid handsomely for walking in Cia Maritima’s show and with that money comes a responsibility to maintain your body and be runway ready the day of the show. If I was Cia I would request a refund from this tubber.  She down right didn’t deliver the body that most of the fashion public is used to.

Weigh in indies, should Kurkova provide a refund for being less than super on the runway?

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