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Older stories
CULTURE, FASHION / April 19 2012 9:30 AM

INDIE REWIND: 10 Stoner Style Don’ts for 420

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To quote a famous poet, “I got the Rolly on my arm and I’m pourin’ Chandon/ And I roll the best weed ’cause I got it goin’ on.” Yes, we can all have it going on this April 20th, just the way his High Holy Snoopness intended it. 420 is like stoner Christmas — the holidaze to end all holidaze. You’re likely to see these mavericks of marijuana — these Wizards of Weedly Place, these potentates of pot intake — wandering the streets and haunting 7-11′s the world over, as out of touch as their wardrobes. Granted, the garden variety stoner is not what one would call a fashionista, but if they can they lift their dreadlocked heads from the sweet, sweet lips of their bong to take a look in the mirror, they can avoid these few style missteps and look as fly as they feel.

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CELEBRITY, CULTURE / April 17 2012 10:13 AM

10 Greenest Style Icons

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Too often we judge people by the color of their gowns, and not the content of their character. Aside from acting, or modeling or baby-birding their children, stars today have a cadre of causes near and dear to their famous hearts. As our month of eco awareness rolls along the river, we highlight some fabulous women who are doing their part — and then some — to preserve nature. These ten ladies prove you can help the environment and still look damn good doing it.

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FILM / December 3 2011 9:36 AM

INDIE REWIND: The 10 Greatest Fashion Films

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The drama of the business, the transcendent beauty of the clothes, and the backstabbing bitchery of the fashion world have always been popular subjects in film.  Whether it’s a satanic editor with a taste for Italian couture, a young fashionista dining with diamonds, or a group of disenfranchised queens hoping to set the City of Lights ablaze, these 10 movies are the greatest odes to fashion.

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CULTURE, FASHION, NEWS / September 21 2011 7:59 AM

Fashion’s New Reality

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Augmented Reality (AR) is, according to professional smartypants, Matthew Szymczyk, “a blanket term for augmenting the real world with digital information.” Szymczyk is the chief executive of Zegura, an L.A.-based software company that created a virtual dressing room for British e-boutique, Banana Flame.

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