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Older stories
NEWS / April 27 2012 4:00 PM

Kristen Stewart Mistaken for Best Dressed Woman, Introducing Azealia del Rey and Calvin Klein Sends Child Groom to Rehab in Style

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- Just when you thought all the fashion house musical chairs was over, Alistair Carr has left his post as design director of Pringle of Scotland. I guess once he popped he could stop…I know, I know, it’s cheap but c’mon it’s Friday. [Telegraph]

- Glamour UK named Kristen Stewart the best dressed woman of 2012 after every other woman apparently fell off the face of the earth. Clearly Twilight fever has yet to die a merciful death as her shaggy co-star Robert Pattinson was named best dressed man. [Glamour UK]

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FASHION / February 27 2012 8:51 AM

BROADCAST: Get Meinto Indie Boutiques

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You love shopping independently curated brick and mortar stores, supporting the young designers they carry, and scoring big on those one of-a-kind pieces that only come from a small shop owner. You love that they are small and remote, but those very reasons make them so hard to access. Thus, Meinto was created as a force that brings all of those little boutiques together to sell. Search by designer and/or style through thousands of indie real-world stores, and buy the clothes online, from the boutique. Everybody wins. 

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CULTURE / January 13 2012 12:22 PM

INDIE REWIND: Triskaideka-Turning It –13 Super Scary Style Superstitions

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Another year, another Friday the 13th! Here from the FashionIndie vaults:

Triskaidekaphobia, the morbid fear of the number 13, has led to buildings without a thirteenth floor, airports without a 13th gate, a neverending film franchise and of course, the most notorious day of the year. For your Friday the 13th viewing terror, here are 13 style superstitions to heed and fear:

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CULTURE, NEWS / December 20 2011 7:56 AM

We Need to Talk About Your Baby’s Cocaine Problem

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Now, far be it from me to judge how your baby gets its rocks off. We were all once infants, eager to explore the world around us; sticking god-knows-what up god-knows-where all in the spirit of harmless adventure. But as a parent, you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere — and that line should preferably be in your baby’s stash of cocaine. A recent study of over 100 changing tables in shopping malls, hospitals, courts, police stations and even churches, for Lohan‘s sake,  revealed that 92% had traces of Colombian nose candy. Personally, I blame this on that trashbag pusher Dora the Explorer and her drug mule, Diego, who’s been a little too go-go as of late, if you catch ma drift.

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CULTURE / November 10 2011 3:02 PM

VICE’s Fashion Week Internationale Blows Through Colombia

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VICE‘s Charlet Duboc took a trip down South American way to attend Colombia Fashion Week in Medellin — formerly the stomping grounds of drug czar, Pablo Escobar – in the third installment of the mag’s unconventional documentary series, Fashion Week Internationale.  There, she found a startling contrast between the country’s coked-up past and its bid to be taken seriously as a fashion capital. Whereas the models of Columbia Moda were the usual breed of leggy, thin, Anglo catwalker seen in Milan, London, Paris and New York; at a separate fashion week, Columbia para el Mundo, booty was king.

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NEWS / November 7 2011 4:26 PM

Manolo Blow-nik: Cops Cuff Columbian Coke Counterfeiters

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at true genius. For two years, a drug cartel based out of Barcelona had been smuggling cocaine molded into Manolo Blahniks from Columbia to Europe. And they would’ve gotten away with it too, if a shipment hadn’t passed through Beverly Hills, causing every socialite, heiress, reality television star and alleged actress within a 30-mile radius to dive-bomb a stack of shoeboxes in Customs with nothing but a bundle of straws and rolled up dollar bills. 

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