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OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror


Faris came up to me at the Tribeca Grand Hotel the other night and was so sweet. I asked him his name because when I get confused or star struck, I get quiet and start lying. I mean, I know who is. He looked so much like Aris (The.Beautiful.Kids.), I was surprised.

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

(GBH) sort of pushed me at Faris, I got scared and asked if he needed a drink. He had two though, so I left to look for a hiding place. It’s hard being a fan.

Later Joshua Grimm and Coffin Joe appeared. They were even better looking than in pictures, but they don’t use their stage names. I think that’s a little disappointing.

I got around to their table after a while and sat down next to Joe, I might have swooned a little. He asked me if I wanted a pick-me-up and put a glass of gin in my hand.  Joshua laughed a lot, but I don’t know what about. Elle and Michael joined later.  Forgot how much I love them. Joshua said Elle and I have the same mouth, and laughed more.

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

Joe really was the best, Joe and Pinky. Michelle too! I guess I love everyone. Oh, and I nearly forgot Kendra, my favorite door girl. She wore an amazing ruby sequined jacket, the shoulder pads were on the outside and chains and safety pins were strung everywhere. I don’t know how she does it, but no one dresses better.

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

Some people left for the Jane, but James and Lola kidnapped me. We went over to Home Sweet Home with Nadia.  It was a snooze, but lots of people I love were there. James gave me cab fare home and I slept like a baby.

This past week has been all about black-on-black minimalism. No tulle bows or turbans, no shrugs of human hair, no jeweled brooches but lots of rings. Rings and Chelsea boots and studded jeans, and this cropped double-breasted jacket with rounded shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are back.

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

Did I mention this little harness Alex Chapman made? I’ve been wearing it everywhere. I love soft Goth with light S&M flourishes, it makes me feel very Factory.

OUT! with Aaron K: The Horror fashion

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