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CULTURE, FASHION / September 25 2011 8:59 PM

Queens Of Everything: 12 Glamourous Toddlers And Tiaras Moments To Remember

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Let’s just say that for one moment TLC’s scandalous show Toddlers and Tiaras starring the biggest little divas like baby Eden and baby Makenzie wasn’t stirring up so much controversy.  We could look past the creepy flippers and focus on all the glitz and glamour of these stylish little pageant queens.  We know there is a lot of backlash against such young ones dressing up so much, but we can’t help but secretly love the drag queen training from birth.  What do you think of the little dolls?


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BACKSTAGE, BEAUTY, MEN'S / July 27 2010 1:40 PM

The Colour of Beauty

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Renee Thompson is a model trying to make it into NY Fashion week, with 10 years of experience modeling all over the world, a beautiful portfolio and drive she continues to struggle because of her skin color.  (

I was sent this video by a friend and it really struck me.  Read my email response:

“I have worked fall and spring NY fashion week shows since fall 2008.  There are several things here that I have seen and know from working backstage. 

1. There is a tendency to use 1 or 2 Dominican models (It seems being black and exotic is trendy over being “regular” and latinas are working more than blacks from what I’ve seen)
2. There is a tendency to use mostly white brazilian models and models from the Ukraine
3. There is a tendency to use 1 Asian model
4. There is 1 or 2 African-Candian or African-American models. (usually Chanel Iman)
5. Alek wek looking models are starting to be phased out

The only show that I attended (not worked) that had a lot of black models was the ARISE Magazine show this past Spring (African Fashion Mag).  Every working black model was in that show.

Now where does it start? Who's to blame. I really believe we designers are largely to blame. I know that when I have shows I purposely choose models that aren't the industry standard. While I'm not big enough yet to make an impact, I will continue to do this.  My hope and dream is to have many fashion week shows that isn't labled “African” that features mostly black, latina, native american, Indian and Asian models.  Because they are constantly stealing our flyness and remixing it for old and oddly shaped (mostly white) women and selling it for $1000s.  Do you know how trends start? Trend spotting agencies travel the world and take photos of US. Then take those photos and make mood boards and presentations for designers. Think of all the “ethnic” trends there have been recently. Come y'all can steal from people of color all over the world and those people can't be apart of the presentation?  Fashion is one of the many venues that helps the masses to embrace imperialism.  When Britain was occupying India, having silk was such a status symbol.  Not a coincidence. I can go on and on but just know that I'm working to chance the industry from within.  It may take my whole life but I will keep at it.


And I mean it. Please leave your thoughts and comments.

Until then,


The Colour of Beauty

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BACKSTAGE / June 16 2010 6:30 PM

A day at the office!

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A day at the office!

With all of the controversy surrounding the pending Debrahlee Lorenzana gender-discrimination law-suit filed against Citigroup, we can’t help but wonder about the evolution of the modern-day corporate
dress code, and what is deemed “work appropriate.”

Naturally, the definition of “work attire” varies depending on the nature/industry of your business, but there are some very basic rules, that my momma always taught me to follow when considering what to wear for a day on the job.

A day at the office!

First and foremost- appearance is everything! If you value yourself and take your job seriously, it should be reflected in everything you do, including your wardrobe! This means that under no set of circumstances should you show up to work in board-shorts and chancletas… unless your a lifeguard (in which case you should be wearing water-socks anyway)! There are plenty of ways to make business attire seasonally appropriate. Try adding some color to an otherwise bland wardrobe like this royal blue combo above, or mix a plain suit with a printed top and colorful accessories for a look that is both business chic and appropriate for spring.

A day at the office!

Second- micro-miniskirts and cleavage are a definite NO-NO! No matter how many strides we’ve taken towards making men and women equals in the workplace, these two fashion moves scream “bimbo!” To be taken seriously, and have your work evaluated on the basis of professionalism, it is best to tell your tata’s to shut it, and let your performance speak for itself. So what do you do when the weather is nice and your in the mood to show some leg? Try a knee-length pencil skirt with a matching blazer, or for a fun yet professional look, try a full skirt paired with a minimalist top and sports jacket like the outfit shown above.

For the rest of this article and more tips for corporate dress please visit La-Casa-Couture

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