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INDIE REWIND: 10 Trends Americans Have Run into the Ground

When it comes to fashion, America has a checkered history of following trends. Sure, there have been the good — the Brit-Mod 60s, the wrap-dress 70s, the coke-bag 80s — but for every Mondrian shift there’s a Juicy Couture tracksuit. Whether imported or homegrown, these trends have created a blight on American fashion. By pointing them out FashionIndie hopes to do our patriotic duty to right the sartorial wrongs of our fore-mothers and fathers and build a better, fiercer future for the children. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

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Christopher Kane! How Could You Let These Shoes Happen??

This is severely disappointing. Upon horrified sight of this on, reactions heard ’round  the FashionIndie office ranged, “Are those Crocs?” “Oh. God. No!” “Chistopher Kane?!” “Did he collab with Aerosoles or something?” I personally got surges of orthopedic, walker-bound, going to play bridge at the senior home, fused with those sandals you wore to the water park as a child, mixed with 90s dyed-to-match Bat Mitzvah shoes. C’mon, Chris, you can do better than that. Now just guess how much they go for. 

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LINKLOVIN | January 30

The Road to Progress: A Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs

Could it be that people are finally beginning to see the light? And in that light did they manage catch themselves in an unsightly pair of Uggs? Seems so, at least in Pennsylvania where administrators at Pottstown Middle School have banned students from wearing “outdoor, open top boots.” The reason, however, has little to do with fashion or style. 

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Crocs Save Lives, Not Excuse to Buy a Pair

Crocs Save Lives, Not Excuse to Buy a Pair

A little boy was saved by his Crocs…the shoes stopped electricity from passing into the ground thus saving him from electrocution. The chances of being struck by lighting is 600,000 to 1, and the chance for being laughed at for wearing these is almost 99%…your choice!

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FASHIONVILLE | February 10

WTF!?! Crocs Go Converse

WTF!?! Crocs Go Converse The last I heard of Crocs, they were going out of business, but according to this image released by our friends at Racked, they decided to mate with Converse and breed these hideous Crocverse shoes. I just don’t understand.


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