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CULTURE, FASHION / October 17 2011 7:26 PM

#CzechItOut : The Treasured Trash of Prague

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Prague’s trash is cooler than some of our treasures. Though we’ve been hip here to the repurposing movement [ie: reworked vintage], designers of the Czech Republic are using computer and mechanical parts to create sweet accessories, home goods, and the coolest bar behind the former Eastern Block. In fact, one of the main designers behind TrashMade introduced @OzSultan and I to the aforementioned hotspot. Take a look.

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BEAUTY, CULTURE / October 13 2011 1:51 PM

#CzechItOut: Spa DILF & Son

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In the Czech spa town of Franstisovy Lazne, where women flock to reap the benefits of their get-fertile-now mineral water and mud treatments, lies a spa with a their own brand of hot stones. Above Aquaforum, a mineral bathhouse which plays to families like your local swim club, is the gym/massage facility called FitForum where a stunning father/son duo run a beautifully fit ship.

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CULTURE, FASHION / October 9 2011 5:38 PM

#CzechItOut: 12 Spring Spa Swimsuits

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You might have seen my packing Czech list for this spa journey I’m on through the Czech Republic. I neglected to include that I brought just one swimsuit with me – a neon striped bottom and reversible bandeau top. Such an efficient packer, thought I. What I didn’t realize was how few massages I’d be getting, and how many bath houses I’d be swimming in. The Czech spa triangle is famous for is natural mineral water springs – for drinking and bathing – that hold cures for many illnesses and make your skin look sensational. Thus far I’ve swum in the mineral caves of the Castle Bath Spa in Karlovy Vary, the public family mineral pool at the Aquaforum in Frantiskovy Lazne (where I also got a hot stone massage from the hot son of the hot DILF spa owner – more on that later), and the royal roman bath house at the Maria Spa in Marianske Lazne (from which I’m currently writing). With that – I wish I could have brought these 12 Spring 2012 swimsuits with me. Czech It Out.

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FASHION / October 5 2011 4:41 PM

The Packing Czech List

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I’m going to the Czech Republic and I’m bringing with me….

Though they say I’ll be spending the next 7 days in a bathrobe and/or naked at various spas across the Czech Republic, I know that I’ll want more than just a plain white terrycloth backward snuggie. I’m ready to style the spa, but I’m also packing smart. Here’s the Czech list for what should be brought on a Spa-cation. I’ve never been on one before, so if I’m missing anything crucial, I’ll let you know at the time I need it most.

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BEAUTY, CULTURE / October 4 2011 9:01 AM

Czech It Out: FashionIndie goes Euro Spa Clubbing

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FashionIndie is taking you on a beauty and spa adventure. See what ensues when social media spa boy wizard @OzSultan and I, Indie fashion head, @JessicaLapidos, trek to the Czech Republic to discover treatments that have evolved over centuries in the natural mineral water reserves, and have kept models skinny and even-faced for even longer. Across the Atlantic, they don’t really believe in the “Day Spa”; they subscribe to at least a week of spa at a time. With CzechTourism as our generous guide, we’ve teamed up with Spa Week and the EuroSpaClub to show you how to get your body into model condition via a week of intensive wellness werq. Czech it out.

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