David Barton Gets Some Love From MTV

David Barton Gets Some Love From MTV

David Barton, owner of DavidBartonGym, is looking for a private trainer qualified enough to live, breathe and believe in his philosophy that everyone is entitled to their dream body. On an upcoming episode of MTV‘s new reality show, Hired, airing Tuesday, June 1st, Barton will meet with private training enthusiasts who believe they have what it takes to sculpt DavidBartonGym members’ bodies. (more…)

DavidBartonGym and Glamour Present ‘Bikini Blast’

DavidBartonGym and Glamour Present Bikini Blast

Last night, I went to DavidBartonGym to preview Bikini Blast, a 30-minute ab class inspired by Glamour’s April online program, Bikini Blast: Flatter Abs in Four Weeks, with fitness moves designed by David Barton. DavidBartonGym and Glamour have teamed up to bring the story to life and I was one of the first to experience Bikini Blast at DavidBartonGym Astor Place, before the program kicks off nationally on April 7th. I gotta tell you, this really kicked my butt (or should I say abs). (more…)

David Barton Talks: Fashionable Arms

David Barton Talks: Fashionable Arms

It’s time to put away your winter layers and embrace sleeveless and sexy. David Barton has the tips you need to have some killer arms by summer.

David Barton Talks: Fashionable Abs

David Barton Talks: Fashionable Abs

Spring is here and you’re no longer able to hide behind layers of clothes. This season, 90’s fashion is making its way back and stars from Rihanna to Lindsay Lohan have been spotted showing off their toned abs in this season’s hottest trend – the crop top. Designed to flaunt your midsection, follow these workout tips to achieve the flat, firm, sexy abs you desire in order to pull this look off.

If cardio is part of your workout plan, it’s important for best results to do it before you start you ab routine. Begin with 30 to 40 minutes of cardio and fat burning, which is best done in 3-minute intervals of high energy, followed by one and a half minutes of slower pace. This is better and more effective than 30 minutes of moderate paced cardio. The body is tricked into increased energy usage with fight energy as opposed to what is considered normal sustained efficient energy utilization.

The most important step in rock-hard abs is weight training. Cardio alone will not lose body fat. Weight training is necessary to maintain lean mass and must be worked into any fitness regiment – especially if you’re goal is to look hot in a fashionable cropped tee. For faster and more effective results, add weight to your ab routine by holding a dumbbell against your chest with both hands and perform 20 reps of the basic crunch. Start with knees bent and feet on the floor, next with knees bent and feet lifted off the floor and finally with both legs straight up in the air. Perform three sets of each.

Make sure to add weight to your ab routine and you’ll be showing off killer abs in anything you wear or take off.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week over and done, we take a minute to look back at the the ten things that really helped us get through the madness. Check out our list of ten fashion week saviors after the jump.


David Barton Talks: UnFashionable Drinks

David Barton Talks: UnFashionable Drinks

Models, A-list actors and the fashion forward all appear to kick start their day the same way…with a highly caffeinated drink to go. Here is the truth behind the drinks that have big status appeal but in the real world, lead to even bigger waistlines.

Don’t let the nutrition labels on diet sodas fool you. These drinks may have lower calories, but they are packed with artificial sweeteners that increase weight gain odds and over time are detrimental to your metabolism. Diet sodas give you the caffeine kick you need, but their secretly addicting sweet taste makes us crave more. Truly, the word “diet” isn’t a guilt-free pass to indulgence.

Let’s take a look at a Latte…iced, hot, chai, soy or skim, the Hollywood it-crowd can’t seem to get enough of this caffeinated carry-on. However, the bad news is, no matter what type of milk or artificial flavor you choose, most lattes contain more calories than an entire day’s worth of food. If these lattes weighed as much as the fat, sugar and dairy they include, stylish celebrities would inevitably choose a different, lighter accessory.

To keep up with a non-stop lifestyle, it’s all about the promise of non-stop energy through energy drinks. Although these cryptic potions may keep your energy on in the moment, the downside is that this high-caloric concoction is crammed with high fructose corn syrup and other equally unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients that go straight to your waistline.

While these drinks may make you look and feel cool today, they won’t help you LookBetterNaked tomorrow.

David Barton Talks: Gym Chic

David Barton Talks: Gym Chic

“It’s Not About Gym Clothes You Can Wear On the Street, but Street Clothes You Can Wear to the Gym”

You never know who you might run, squat or lunge into. Whether it’s Marc Jacobs, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or your future husband/wife, be prepared in cool gym-wear in your quest to LookBetterNaked. Gym Chic is effortless and nonchalant, yet secretly contrived and deliberate. Here are my tips to pull it off…

For men, I have one rule: no high socks. Even worse? Work socks. If you forgot ankle socks, go for no socks. No excuses. If you’re the sneakers type, pair them with basketball shorts and throw on a cut-off shirt. Vintage tees are really cool and if you have the right body, a wife beater is even better. For the relaxed rugged gym look, and the look I wear best, throw on a vintage cut-off shirt and sweatpants, and slip on a pair of hiking boots with the laces loosely tied. If you’re the bandana type, rock a complete biker look or you’re setting yourself up for trouble.

For women, again, no high socks – show us your calves. The key to a truly sexy gym look is accessorizing. Pair tight rolled up sweatpants that show off your legs with amazing Chanel earrings. Take a casual off-the-shoulder sweater that covers up your “bad” parts but shows a peak of skin, pair it with your favorite leggings and add a cool headscarf. To be effortlessly gym chic, mix luxe and vintage, baggy and fitted. Finish the look with a funky pair of shoes, like converse sneakers.

Ultimately, the best gym look is a DavidBartonGym LookBetterNaked t-shirt. You should also love the way you look when the tee comes off.

Re-FRESH Your Friday at DavidBartonGym With a Mini Facial

Re FRESH Your Friday at DavidBartonGym With a Mini Facial

DavidBartonGym Astor Place wants you to relax this weekend. Start your Friday evening at DavidBartonGym Astor Place with a free 30-minute facial by Fresh Skincare experts. Also take home a gift certificate for treatments at select FRESH locations and a gift bag full of FRESH products.

All Fresh Face Treatments are customized to address specific skin types, conditions and concerns. Fresh Skincare is integrated with restorative methods to achieve visible results, long-term benefits and a sense of renewal. The Fresh approach to skincare utilizes non-intrusive methods and formulas. Complexions emerge refreshed and glowing.

Date: Friday, January 29, 2010
Time: 5:00-8:00PM
Place: DavidBartonGym Astor Place: 4 Astor Place (Between Broadway and Lafayette)

This event is for Members only, but non-members can purchase a day pass and get a facial.
To make an appointment, call the front desk at DavidBartonGym Astor Place: 212-505-6800


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