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FASHIONVILLE | November 29

Behind the Scenes of @Formichetti’s Dazed & Confused Cover Shoot

Following in the footsteps of other musical muses (Gaga, Azealia), Japanese pop tart, Pamyu Pamyu finds a fan in super stylist Nicola Formichetti. With a music video already above 37,000,000 views on Youtube, singing sensation reminds us of a living Lisa Frank sticker book.

Nicola sits with the star, discussing her rise to fame, Nico Panda, and cute overload.

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CULTURE CLUB | November 21

Dazed & Confused’s Sweet 16: The Rest of Rankin’s Twenty 20th Anniversary Covers

Dazed & Confused continues to blow out the candles on its 20th birthday, revealing the 16 other covers by Dazed co-founder Rankin. Tilda Swinton, Michael Stipe, Kelis, Gael García Bernal, Cillian Murphy, Damien Hirst and Björk are just a handful of celebrities and artists that were moodily-lit and lensed by the mag. Meanwhile, Milla Jovovich reminds us all that before beating up zombies and banging Bruce Willis – same thing really – she was actually a model. And by the looks of her Dazed cover, a damn good one. 

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FASHIONVILLE | November 14

Dazed & Confused Taps Icons and Their Rising Stars for 20th Anniversary

In celebration of Dazed & Confused‘s 20th anniversary, co-founder and photographer Rankin has shot 20 covers for the December issue with new portraits of iconic cover stars and their picks for up-and-coming talent. The mag’s online home, Dazed Digital reveals the first four covers today, featuring Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Eva Green and Chloë Sevigny, paired with their respective rising stars — Josephine de la Baume, Maxine Ashley, Jordan Scott and Lizzie Bougatsos.

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CULTURE CLUB | November 3

Dazed & Confused Celebrates 20 Years with Retrospective & Coffee Table Book

Dazed & Confused magazine celebrates their 20th birthday with a retrospective by Somerset House… tomorrow!  Coinciding with the launch of the book ‘20 Years of Dazed & Confused: Making It Up As We Go Along’, the retrospective will feature iconic covers, artwork, photo shoots, designs, and their editorial content.  In birthday terms they might still not legally be able to drink, but they sure seem to know how to celebrate.  A list of the all star cast that will be featured in the stunning exhibit is after the jump.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 1

The Many Men of Nicola Formichetti

While I’d love to believe that Nicola Formichetti exists solely to do Lady Gaga‘s fashion bidding, that simply isn’t the case. Jo Calderone might actually be the most reserved man Formichetti has styled to date. Boy is at werq in Japan turning out cover after editorial of monstrous male beauty for Vogue Hommes Japan. He’s also been killing it in Dazed & Confused and V Man. Take a look.

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The 7 Weightiest Names in Plus-Size Modeling

Increasingly, plus-size models are making it BIG. Larger ladies are snatching elite magazine spreads, being crowned queens at beauty competitions and bumping more and more skinnier girls out of the spotlight. Here are the 7 most sizable names in plus-size modeling.

The 7 Weightiest Names in Plus Size Modeling

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