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FASHIONVILLE | September 7

The Good, The Bad, and The Meh: The MTV Video Music Awards Edition

Every year we look forward to one of the music industry’s biggest night’s of fashion, the MTV Music Video Awards. This year the stars pulled out some of their best… and worst sartorial choices and like always we are here to judge for you. After the jump see who were our favorites, not so much favorites, and the “oh my god what are they doing with their lives” choices. 

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CULTURE CLUB | November 29

Demi Lovato Rips Out Her Weave on Stage

I’m not actually sure who Demi Lovato is, but this stunt makes me care just a little less. The tweeny-bopper performer was singing on stage in Kansas City, MO when it appears the microphone got caught in her hair, ripping an extension right from her teenage head. Not to be caught with her pants down, Lovato uses the piece o’ weave as a prop, waving it around on stage like a ribbon dancer of yesteryear. See the clip after the jump.

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TRENDSPARK: Mustache Mania

Mustaches seem to be the new nerd glasses now. Just for the fun of it, girls & guys with stache-envy have been donning fake ones—most recently Demi Lovato tweeted a pic of her in a faux, Mr. Pringles-style mustache.

I’m not sure if I’d actually walk around in public with a mustache of any kind above my lip, but it’s fun for photos.

I think my favorite mustache tribute comes in the form of this catchy song by YouTubers, Rocky & Balls, who make even those of us who aren’t particularly fond of facial hair, love it for the duration of the tune.

What’s your stance on the fake mustache trend? Love it or loathe it?

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