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DESIGNER DAILY / July 12 2012 11:00 AM

Two Blue-Handed Girls Dye Upstate

Edited by

WANTED. With a devious twist on the ancient dyeing method of shibori, Brooklyn neighbors Kalen and Astrid wrap and tie and dip and dry capes, caftans, throws, and more in indigo dyes. They are made by hand to order within 12 days of purchase,  It’s an Upstate New York mentality of handicraft with a New York City state of efficiency and spot on silhouettes.

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DESIGNER DAILY / July 9 2012 12:04 PM

Rxmance knows All Women Are Beautiful. Do You?

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Amidst whiskey swigs and exploration by travel and by library, Chris Dennler has discovered, for one, that All Women Are Beautiful. Correct. He also discovered that he’s got a lot to say. Like that the oceans are home to fish, not your trashcan. And that pain is weakness (not beauty). We’re falling for this unlikely Rxmance with t-shirts. But the beauty of the message would distinguish a gentleman, like Dennler himself. 

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DESIGNER DAILY / July 5 2012 10:00 AM

Mary Meyer does Chill Cool Girl Basics from a Painter’s Perspective

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Mary Meyer was once a painter whose sartorial ambitions exceeded her wallet’s limitations. Thus, she began making clothes that she wanted to wear. And people just started buying it off of her. She’s still a painter. As a graduate of California College of Arts & Crafts, her fine arts skills take the place of the a design background. It happened organically, and her smart, chill downtown basics are happening right here and now in Brooklyn. 

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DESIGNER DAILY / July 3 2012 10:15 AM

Dusen Dusen Playfully Patterned Silk

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Through her uni days, Dusen Dusen designer Ellen Van Dusen studied why people see things as they do, and how it relates to their aesthetic preferences. With this knowledge and curiosity, she went on to Brooklyn and found the key to making feminine clothing with a cheerful printed edge. It’s super adorable in a very Zoey Deschanel way. Check out a bubbly video for Spring with music by Darlings. 

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DESIGNER DAILY / June 29 2012 12:31 PM

This Jewelry is K/LLER

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Made of porcupine quills both cast and natural, the jewelry by Parsons grad duo in BK Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller, is both sharp and K/LLER. Their aesthetic melds hard and soft, dangerous and sweet with androgynous, rustic properties, and their methods involve thrilling chemical reactions and primal methodology. After keeping it editorially cool in our fruit shoot last week, we had to tell you more about these K/LLER designers. 

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