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Older stories
FASHION / September 29 2011 8:25 AM

Full Color Spectrum of Spring Fashion Week

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Amongst the bevy of busy prints that has shaped this fashion week, we’ve noticed how equally represented Roy G. Biv has been. These shades, however, are unique to now, with a sense of vibrancy. According to designers in the Big 4: New York, London, Milan and Paris, it’s going to be a colorful Spring. Taste the rainbow

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FASHION / February 16 2011 2:45 PM

Diesel Black Gold “Not So Minimal” Fall 2011 Ready To Wear

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Kokosalaki’s inspiration for the season was simply, “not to go minimal—at the moment, everyone’s going minimal… very true on Kokosalaki’s part, but then again with this rock-n-roll edge of lace-up denim, thick cabled knits, military-inspired jackets, and python-printed leather pants and exaggerated bell-bottoms why wouldn’t you love to be wrapped up in a non-minimal look!

Diesel Black Gold Not So Minimal Fall 2011 Ready To Wear

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GIRLS / February 18 2010 1:18 PM

Anna Wintour Didn’t Want to Wait in Line for Diesel

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Anna Wintour Didnt Want to Wait in Line for Diesel

Anna Wintour reportedly didn’t want to wait in line for the Diesel Black Gold show on Tue night, she ‘got out of her car and then got right back in when they saw what a mess it was outside.’ Diesel reps deny she was ever confirmed to attend. Front row guest included Carine Roitfeld, Leigh Lezark, Daisy Lowe, and our very own Daniel Saynt (personally invited by Diesel to sit front row).

Gallery of the Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010 collection here.
Read more: nydailynews

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GIRLS, MEN'S / February 17 2010 4:28 PM

RUNWAY: Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear

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RUNWAY: Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear RUNWAY: Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear Under the new creative direction of Sophia Kokosalaki, Diesel Black Gold took a break from it’s hard, rock-star badass-ness and played on the simple, almost delicate side. With All American pieces like the classic leather motorcycle jacket, faded denim, plaids and skinny pants, Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010 was simple in a respect. But when you approach denim like yarn, as Kokosalaki did this season, the usual becomes unusual, and the sweet becomes badass again.

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Uncategorized / October 23 2009 12:45 PM

INTERVIEW: Fashion Indie Sits Down With Renzo Rosso

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INTERVIEW: Fashion Indie Sits Down With Renzo Rosso

Yesterday could not have been any more perfect. The weather was warm and sunny, I had just finished doing a walk through of one of my favorite showrooms in Soho, and now I was on my way into the Diesel building to meet up with the living legend Renzo Rosso. As if I wasn’t in enough of a state of disbelief that I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Rosso, I was completely blown away by the amazing showroom/headquarters they are working in. As pushed through the heavy doors that read “Only The Brave…” I knew what/who was waiting on the other side, and I couldn’t wait to pick the brain of the man responsible arguably the most famous denim brand of all time.

Fashion Indie: “Diesel U:Music and your global parties bring out some of the best new musical artists in the industry. Are their any artists/bands you are currently listening to?”

Renzo Rosso: [in his Italian inspired English which tends to hypnotize you] “Well I grew up in the rock and roll era, listening to artists like Black Sabbath and The Sex Pistols. A lot of this rock and roll attitude has definitely played a big part in what Diesel has become. However, I think all music is important. [Right now] All I really listen to is the Diesel U:Music radio station. They always play a wide variety of music, and have two live performances everyday. This has taught me to draw inspiration from whatever is happening at that moment, whether it be Kanye West, Pharrell, Rage Against The Machine, or Madonna all music is important. I have recently found their attitudes more and more inspirational, and that’s what I like to bring out in my clothing.”

FI: “You’re being honored with the Corporate Leadership Award at the 26th Annual Night of the Stars gala. Be honest, did you ever imagine Diesel getting this big?”

RR: “I think most people dream of being big of course, but they never really believe it until they hit that turning point. Once I knew I had established my brand, I could really focus on making it as big as I could. That is an amazing feeling, a feeling that I will never forget. While it felt like forever when it was happening, looking back it feels like it happened overnight.”

FI: “What do you attribute to this success?”

RR: “One thing that we have always tried to be with Diesel is pioneers. We are always introducing new, modern, different, fresh, and rebellious products that take both denim and the people wearing it to a whole new place. [However], I think the two biggest keys to our success were our vintage denim and the way we changed the way we communicated with our customers. Our vintage denim was something that no one else was doing at the time. We were the only ones able to produce a denim that had a look and feel of a great vintage pair of denim. This really helped to launch both Diesel and the industry into a new way of production. As I mentioned, our communication methods changed too. Most people were going direct saying ‘Here’s the product, buy it’. We decided to get away from that, and find a whole new way to communicate with our people. We decided to communicate through other people, the people our customers were listening to. We started working with celebrities, musicians, athletes to communicate in a more subtle way.”

FI: “You live an adventurous life, filled with hundreds of successes. Through all of that, one is bound to make some mistakes. Do you have any major regrets? Anything you wish you could change?”

RR: “I wish that I would have done more charity work. Don’t get me wrong I have and still do a lot, but I wish I would have made it more public. I recently met with the Dalai Lama and he told me ‘Use your brand and your face to show the work you have done. You have the power to inspire others, and you should take pride in what you have done.’ I have learned from that and plan to use my face and my power to send a positive message. In fact, we are currently working on building a village in Africa.”

FI: “In a world full of denim brands you have always managed to be one of the leaders in the industry. What has Diesel done that others haven’t?”

RR: “We produce a very unique denim. We have 51 years of history in manufacturing denim, and that has translated into quite the reputation amongst the industry. A lot of people don’t realize that a majority of the denim brands you find in the United States started off as Diesel affiliates. We have such amazing production facilities that they often work in the same factories as us, or they have worked at Diesel at some point in their careers. Diesel has gone on to foster a lot of these brands because of this.”

FI: “I am a big fan of your new fragrance ‘Only The Brave’, and judging by the way it was plastered all over your offices, you love it too. So do you wear the fragrance?”

RR: “I actually do wear the fragrance. I have produced many in the past, but this is the only one I wear [as he offers me to take a whiff of his scarf (I decline mostly because I could smell it prior to asking the question)]. Men’s fragrances are hard do, because I feel like they need to match the natural scent of a man’s skin.”

FI: “You are about to release your Flash For Fun collection, which contains a reflective material that glows under UV light. What was the inspiration behind this idea?”

RR: “Honestly? My kids. They came up to me saying they wanted something bright, new and fun, and this is what I gave them They loved all the pieces and the concept, and I decided that if they liked it why wouldn’t all my customers. My kids are great because they keep me really connected with what’s young and cool. This is a road I plan to take Diesel down now that I have successfully developed my Diesel Black Gold collection. Diesel is going to take a much more fun young feel, and Diesel Black Gold is going to be our high fashion line. I’m really excited to continue differentiating to two.”

[I get the dreaded wrap it up look from the other PR people in the room, and that signals the end despite the five questions I'm still dying to ask.]

I would like to thank all the people at Diesel who made this interview possible, my good friend Karli, and of course Mr. Rosso for the amazing opportunity.

For more on Diesel and Diesel U: Music be sure to check out their website.

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FASHION / June 12 2009 3:31 PM

SECRETS FROM THE BRAVE: What To Expect From Diesel This Fall

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SECRETS FROM THE BRAVE: What To Expect From Diesel This Fall

For all of you Diesel lovers out there, Renzo Rosso has quite a treat for you this Fall! I was lucky enough to check out the Diesel showroom this morning, so trust me when I tell you that these are some of the best pieces Diesel has produced. Slated to drop this July, I got up close and personal with many of the Diesel, Diesel Black Gold and Diesel Denim Gallery pieces from the Fall 2009 collection. Here’s what you can expect:

Despite the fact that weather elements may seem like a pretty generic theme for a collection, Diesel completely rocked out the “weathering” technique and had some awesome storm wash, and vintage rain acid wash denim for the fall. A new denim cut, the Wenga, with frontal pockets and a slight taper to straight leg, will hit stores this fall and is definitely a jean to add to your collection. Though I didn’t get to see a sample, men’s organic paper denim will be back this fall, and good news boys, they are designed to absorb odors, so no need to do laundry! My favorite addition to the Diesel denim family has to be the Matic jean, which brings back the work denim stripe in all of its vintage glory. While some of the weather themes got a bit too literal with print raindrops, I loved the foggy, wet looking leather jackets as well as the sunburn dyed sweatshirts. And for you girly girls out there, expect a slight digression from the androgyny Diesel is so well know for and look forward to a feminine future!

As per usual, the Diesel Black Gold collection is worth sacrificing a limb for. The luxury line, coming into it’s 4th season, radiated a marching band, old New Orleans jazz vibe. Like the Diesel collection, women can expect a much more feminine and refined collection, with a floor-length silk gown definitely worth splurging on. Of course, I couldn’t help by drool over the drop-crotch, tapered overalls. If you’re looking for unique, Diesel Black Gold has got some amazing leather jackets and vests with vacuum sealed badges, medals, confederate stars and buttons beneath the leather (they look embossed but the the pieces are actually beneath the leather!) And the best part of the collection? Well, there is limited distribution on the Diesel Black Gold label so you won’t see too many people rocking the awesome army-leather, drawstring knapsack!

Last but not least was the most exciting accessory of the morning: the Diesel motorcycle helmet. Originally created in Italy for all the moped users, helmets will be released this fall in a variety of basic colors. Part of me wants to go get a motorcycle liscense just so I have a reason to own one of these leather mohawk-ed helmets, though I guess I could wear it snowboarding? 

So, there you have it folks. Happy wish-listing! 

GALLERY: SECRETS FROM THE BRAVE: What To Expect From Diesel This Fall

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MEN'S / June 12 2009 12:25 PM

FIRST LOOK Popping into the Diesel Black Gold Showroom

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FIRST LOOK Popping into the Diesel Black Gold Showroom

I ran downtown to get a refresher on the Diesel fall line up. For a fancy private appointment on the seventh floor of their 19th ave building. Although I’m not excited about their first tier collection inspired by weather. Black Gold was stayed with twists of innovative, in all the right ways, while staying true to their core consumer. Although denim at $500? Not sure who’ll be buying that.

I really liked this black jacket with vacuum packed medals. The sweatpants for the hot guy marshaling forward are also perfect, setting you back $200. They have a new collection coming out for November and the holiday season, it’s really so much better. For the consumer market, Diesel does leather and fall almost flawlessly.

FIRST LOOK Popping into the Diesel Black Gold Showroom

FIRST LOOK Popping into the Diesel Black Gold Showroom

Belts! Belts! Belts! Sing it Gaga!

FIRST LOOK Popping into the Diesel Black Gold Showroom

Alex Geana has a blog and takes pictures, you can find out more about him.

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