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Styled by Corey Moran

Can’t lie I’m pretty stoked on this one! According to his Twitter, Steve Aoki has teamed up with his fellow Dim Mak-er Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots to form a new band called Rifoki. It’s very punk rock, grunge, fast and absolutely brilliant! They are working on their first single now, but they do have a short demo called “Sperm Donor” up on their MySpace page.

Check out more on their MySpace Page!

VIDEO: Uffie – Pop The Glock Music Video

Styled by Corey Moran

There are so many reasons why I love Uffie, and this video is just another reason why. We’re all familiar with the Playboy Mansion, but this is what I view the Dim Mak records party house as being like haha. Gorgeous girls, great music and amazing style!

Uffie ‘Pop the glock’ from Laundry! on Vimeo.

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FI PLAYLIST: New Bloody Beatroots Album Out FRIDAY

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Rest easy Bloody Beatroot fans, the long awaited LP is coming out this Friday! (August 21st). The new album, Romborama, will feature 20 original tracks, including two new versions of Warp (featuring Steve Aoki), ‘Warp 1.9′ and Warp ’7.7′. Check out some of their music on their Myspace, or listen to the track below!

the bloody beetroots – Cornelius from Grosbisou on Vimeo.

VIDEO: “I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does”

Styled by Corey Moran

Dim Mak records and Steve Aoki are at it again with their latest members of the notorious Dim Mak Records. All Leather just released a pretty cool/funny video for their EP. The song is called “I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does” and though it is pretty different from a lot of the other bands signed to Dim Mak, I still think it’s pretty damn good. Be sure to check out the video for some human on furry action haha.

All Leather “I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does” from felix biton on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Blood Beetroots-Warp ft. Steve Aoki

Styled by Corey Moran

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki – Warp from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

This song has been stuck in my head all weekend, not to mention it’s been on repeat on my computer as well. Now I know we don’t normally put usic up here, but the video is just as cool as the song. I’m a big Dim Mak fan, big Bloody Beetroots fan, and a big Steve Aoki fan as well. Hope you like the song, and try to get it out of your head when your done too!

Street Hero: Trying to Get “In” with Steve Aoki

Styled by Saynt

So Fashion Indie has spent the past month on the investment trail. We just finished a massive business plan which sets us on the course to build an ad network for indie publishers. We just moved in with our lawyers, who have been kind enough to provide us space in their 10th floor office on 57th and Lex. And we’ve been meeting with a couple of financial advisors who have been helping us with valuation of our company (which seems to be worth a lot more than I originally thought, score). Now comes the fun part. Pitching.

You see we know what we have here.  Our events have brought in thousands, our network of designers is larger than Gen Arts, and we have been increasing in site traffic by 25% EVERY MONTH SINCE JANUARY 2007!!!  We have become a voice for independent fashion and our talents have been noticed by companies like H&M, maurices, Pervonia, Gucci, and American Express.  Time Out New York just listed us as one of the Top Five blogs in New York City and we our last fashion week event was chronicled by MTV True Life.  Plus, next month I make my person debut on Lawrence of America, a show on The Travel Chanel.  Basically, Fashion Indie Media has hit the tipping point and now it’s time to find someone to put a little bit of money in, so that we can take this homegrown company on the road.  But the question is, who?

That’s where Steve Aoki comes in.  Ya see, Steve is kind-of my hero.  He’s uberly cool, he’s a self made “Kid Millionaire”, and he’s known in the indie field as a king of sorts.  Steve would not only bring the finance we would need to grow, but working with him would help and our 20 other partner sites reach out to a dedicated audience.  So I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to get in with Steve Aoki. The Cobra Snake has become our new favorite source for photos, Aoki events are getting pushed out to our network, and I just got accepted into the Dim Mak Facebook family.  All and all, it’s been getting me a few steps closer to the Mak daddy himself, Steve Aoki.

So indies, here’s where you can help.  If you or anyone you know, is friends, acquaintances, and/or are Steve Aoki, contact me at  Yes, I plan to ask Steve for money, but it’s for a really good reason and we’re looking to unload some stock in his hands.  Shouldn’t be that hard to get him in, once he sees that most of our readers have bought his last CD, attend his concerts, and wear Dim Mak on the daily, right.

PS. If any of you out there are looking to invest in a company that speaks to a young, hip urban market let us know. We can take your money as well.

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