ShopIndie: Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Blumarine, and Chanel Sample Sale

We at fashionindie love us a sample sale. It's kind of like modern day hunting, but instead of scouting out deer and buffalo you're gunning down the perfect racer back top or mile-high stiletto. Oh the joy of the hunt!!!

Well this week we wanted to make sure you all checked-out an amazing sample sale taking place at Boutique on 57, a hot little boutique on the Upper West that carries and to die for collection of Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Blumarine, and Chanel. That's right, Karl Lagerfeld's house of choice, Chanel.

Everything in the shop is marked down up to 80% OFF which means you can walk out with some highly covetable pieces without completely blowing the bank.

Plus, since we heart you so much we're giving you an extra 10% OFF on anything If You Print Out This Invitation. There are some great women's ready to wear, season appropriate designer shoes, jewelry, and of course a steady staple of "Oh My God, Where Did You Find That" handbags.

You can find it all at Boutique on 57, 12 West 57th Street, Suite 807; 212-247-2229.

The sale starts today, from 10am - 7pm, and runs through Friday so show up early to get the best goodies.

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Fashion Quotable: Dov Charney

“See! That’s what a beautiful, intelligent woman wants, to go to dinner in a pair of pants that makes her look good. She’s on top of the fucking world. That’s what it’s all about. The pants! The pants! That’s all a beautiful woman wants! A pair of pants that takes her into a restaurant. She looks beautiful. She looks intelligent! She’s got a pair of pants! She’s on top of the world — and it’s the pants, the pants!”

Girls, are pants all we really want? Cuz I want a killer set of heals…

Thanks Jezebel

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Vice Fashion: T-Shirts And The Absence Of T-Shirts

does it again with another feeling photoshoot, but I can’t help but feel that there is a bit more artistic value behind this shoot. The spread is called “T-shirts and the absence on T-shirts”, and I with the title this makes the images seem a bit more artistically focused. I love the photos and the focus on t-shirts. The photos were taken by , and can be seen in the upcoming magazine.

Thanks Vice for the pictures.

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Before They Became Pornstars: Heidi Montag




Well since her boob job has just been slowly but surely heading down the Aubrey O’ Day path of slutiness. Her new video is just a moving ad, and I don’t mean that in a good way, I mean it in a “Oh yes I want you to molest me ” kind of way. The video is just a series of compromising positions. So much for being a christian artist, unless she wants to get fondled by a nun.


Thanks Just Jared for the liquid gold that are these pictures

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American Apparel Spoofs Make for Good Advertising

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery than is definitely loved my many. The brands signature ads have caused controversy for their borderline pornographic nature and have made   into the hipster Hugh Hefner of the new millennium.

We’re all about pushing the boundaries at Fashion Indie so we’re looking for your very best farce ad. It can feature anything you want just so long as it’s in the style. We’ll feature our favorite and send the winner two pairs of undies. The more pornorific the better, just don’t get us in trouble with the FEDS.

Submit all photos to



First comes porn, then comes marriage.


Sexy kind-of…

I feel these might be actual ads?

Pretty sure The Dov is actually an ass

It’s ironic cause hipsters can’t fly.

thanks to trenddelacreme and buzzfeed for picts

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American Apparel Now Sells Vibrators

is now selling the Hitachi Magic Wand (also known as the vibrator). I guess the market is trying to make vibrators accessible to 13 adolescent girls. Is this sex prevention or a push towards sexuality. Plus, what does know about the female body? Well, he has made money on ads featuring underage girls in weird positions. And the cameltoe must be familiar territory.

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Dov Gets Sued…Again

Another day, another lawsuit from a female employee.

If he isn’t designing 1970’s inspired, fair-trade cotton clothing, then he’s running around the office making his employees feel uncomfortable, if he’s accomplished that for the day then he’s most likely sexual harassing the female population of his employees.

This time it’s Jeneleen Floyd, who worked at the company for three years-shouldn’t she get some kind of compensation for surviving that long?

You can find the complaint she filed with the courts here

But here’s are the highlights:

11. Defendant Charney repeatedly shouted to Plaintiff that she should be f**king scared” and that if she did not do what he asked, plaintiff needed to resign. Defendant Charney made several references to an interview he had conducted with Jane magazine wherein he had received oral sex from an employee during the course of the interview and the reporter had engaged in masturbation. Defendant Charney sat down and ordered Plaintiff to “pretend to masturbate.”

12. Plaintiff continued in a state of shock and terror and refused to respond in any manner to Defendant’s demands. In addition Plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated at being sexually objectified in the presence of her co-workers, including her immediate supervisor, Matthew Swenson.

13. After an extended pause waiting for Plaintiff to respond to his command, and realizing that she had no intentions of complying, Defendant Charney then ordered Mr. Swenson to “pretend to masturbate.” As Mr. Swenson complied with his Defendant Charney’s instruction, Defendant Charney moved next to him and simulated an oral sex act with him.

At this point don’t you know what you’re getting yourself into when you decided to work at ? What does that make, four or five lawsuits from female employees in the last four years? I don’t have any illusion that this lawsuit, just like the previous lawsuits, will stop Charney. See behavior like this not only cements the reputation of as edgy, but cements Charney’s legend as the Larry Flynt of fashion. Which I’m sure he would take as a compliment.

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