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Gilt Groupe to Celebrate Earth Day with ‘Green’ Sale

Gilt Groupe will be offering a unique Earth Day celebration sale this Thursday, April 22nd with a portion of proceeds benefiting the National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy. Keep reading…

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The Pain Of It All

Styled by lins

While most of me escaped the sun’s wrath (I wear SPF on my face every day), my shoulders are approximately the same color as this Nars nail polish (and dear lord it STINGS– even two days later). I’m especially ashamed because my super-pale skin means that I’m something of a sunblock connoisseur. Anywho, everyone should be smarter than me and lather up in at least SPF 30 if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. Here are some of my favorites:

1. For face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in SPF 30. Lightweight and evens out skin tone.

2. For body: Neutrogena – any of their dry-touch blocks for face and body are superb—lightweight and non-greasy (I happen to enjoy the 85, but it comes in less-intense SPFs too).

3. For everywhere: Dr. Hauschka – This stuff is a bit heavy, but it works (especially for us lily-pale folks) and is 100% organic.

If you do get burned, put on only pure aloe vera for the next 72 hours—any lotions, creams etc will keep the heat in your skin and make the burn worse. Or you could, you know, not be dumb and put sunblock on before you go out.

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