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EDITORIALS, FASHION / February 29 2012 2:31 PM

Ferragamo Fights the 2:30 Feeling. Starbucks Helps

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Drowning in your busy world with droopy eyes around now? This printastic editorial from DisMagazine just perked us right up. With more prints than all of Spring 2012 combined, two faceless ladies lay tied up in the busyness of layered silk prints from Pucci, Etro, Missoni, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ferragamo and more of our patterned favorites. The spectacle (and an iced coffee) will have your eyes wide open and ready to get back to WERQ.

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CULTURE, FASHION / January 1 2012 9:30 AM

Vogue does the ‘Go To The Gym’ New Year’s Resolution

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Well, Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks. So, your resolution is to hit the gym on the regs? You’re going to need a sensible platform sneaker to get you there. Vogue China suited Ji Lili up sporty ready for some athletic action. Take a page out of this for your own look. Think graphic lines, contrasts and sheer layers with depth. Because you’re obviously going to have a smokin’ hot personal trainer (and/or hot muscly men staring back at you from the weights section). These looks from Ohne Titel, Celine, Alexander Wang and Bottega Veneta will have them winking from the bell bars. 

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FASHION / December 30 2011 9:30 AM

A Dazed and Confused Prince in Prints

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Good morning brights! Dazed and Confused Fashion Editor and Stylist of Robbie Spencer saw visions of a thousand layers. Each peeling back to revel a new bright, a wild pattern and a vibrant color. Each image is a slightly different hue coming together with a finality that looks regal, and these royals are busy. Yannick Abrath poses as a kind of bored little prince inside the foofaraw.

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FASHION / December 23 2011 9:05 AM

The Lady Waits in Elle

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Behold a glamorous woman. She wears opera gloves to dinner. Hats just because. She has her suits custom made. She uses a muff. She is a Lady in Waiting in the 1950s, and she’s showcased in Elle next month. In fishtail skirts by Zac Posen and Donna Karan, suits by Oscar de la Renta and Armani styled by Christopher Niquet, Susie Bird is captured stunningly by photographer Thomas Whiteside. It’s a glimmer of hope that women can once again be utterly perfectly tailored in outfits akin to yore, yet still reign in our feminist ways. 

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FASHION / November 23 2011 1:00 PM

Monika Sawicka is One Wild Woman for Tush Magazine

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Decked out in leather, fur and head-to-toe animal print, Monika Sawicka stars in “Upper Wildside” for Tush Magazine‘s issue #28. Expertly captured by photographer Txema Yeste, black and white pictures deliver sullen cheekbones for miles in and a blurred line of where garments end and city begins. Bernat Buscato set the mood with Valentino, Burberry Prorsum and J. Mendel, some sheer enough to read a runny newspaper. The drama would be less without striking hair by Akki Shirakawa and nearly skeletal makeup by Tyron Machhausen.

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CULTURE / October 11 2011 11:14 AM

Beyonce Werqing Her Baby Bump on Harper’s Bazaar

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Sasha Beyonce Fierce graces the November cover of Harper’s Bazaar and she. is. werqing. it. (Thanks to our fave Terry Richardson, of course).  With hair bigger than her baby bump will ever be, she dishes about her pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, her hip hop hubbie king Jay-Z, and more. And although we are fully aware how those photoshopped Barbie twigs could never be her real thighs, we’ve at least got the best real quotes and behind the scenes pics right here…

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