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Older stories
FASHION, NEWS / September 24 2012 8:00 AM

Everything You Could Ever Learn About Fashion’s Top Editors from a Cartoon

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Supermodels and celebrities are the easiest to spot because they’re on the covers of magazines, star in movies, and get followed around by the paparazzi 24/7. Minus some of the infamous fashion staples, editors can sometimes be harder to spot. Luckily New York City illustrator Joana Avillez has broken it down for us in these super adorable sketches of fashion’s greatest editors and their signature style. Peep these fashion celebrity doodles after the jump and see how many you can name. 

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FASHION / February 20 2012 2:36 PM

White House Cabinet Gets a President’s Day Fashion Makeover

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Regardless of whether your political education ends at Michelle Obama‘s wardrobe or you actually know the names and faces of those in our Presidential Cabinet, we at FashionIndie would still like to wish you a Happy President’s Day! After brushing up on our Poly-Sci 101, we realized America has been through a lot.  Our political opinion?  We would be much better suited under a fashion regime, led by the stern Anna Wintour, kept in line by the venerable Diane von Furstenberg, under fiscal guidance by LVMH president Bernard Arnault etc etc… check out our fashionable cabinet after the jump. 

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FASHION, ODDITIES / February 6 2012 1:33 PM

Emmanuelle Alt Wants You to Wake Her Up Before You Go-Go

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Jitterbug. Emmanuelle Alt has finally made me not long for the kohl-eyed, pencil-skirted days of Carine Roitfeld and all it took was a few dozen models or so in a pitch-perfect parody of Wham!‘s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”  To fete the relaunch of French Vogue‘s website, its editrix-in-chic recruited Anja Rubik, Kendra Spears, Karmen Pedaru and Jasmine Tooks to back her up in a feat of lip-synching that would put Madonna to shame. And while Alt is not as pretty as 80s-era George Michael — then again, who is? — she sure gives him a run for his jitterbugging money. Check out the thoroughly AMAZING clip after the jump.  

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NEWS / December 22 2011 5:58 PM

INDIE NEWSROOM: Adam Lambert Arrested in Lovers’ Quarrel/ The Inevitable Kardashian Lawsuit/ Carine on Emmanuelle Alt: “Who?”

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- Songstress/screamstress/tacky tranny extraordinaire Adam Lambert was arrested Thursday morning in Helsinki, Finland following a row with his trashbox boyfriend, Finnish Big Brother winner Sauli Koskinen. The gals got into it outside of the gay bar DTM — Don’t Tell Mama, naturally — and passersby who tried to intervene were subjected to a good ole face-clawing. [E!]

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CULTURE, FASHION, NEWS / December 12 2011 2:00 PM

25 Top Fashion Moments of 2011

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‘Twas one hell of a year for fashion, 2011.  Alexander McQueen triumphed this year thanks to a pair of well-documented dresses and a bona fide cultural phenomenon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Christian Dior tried to rebound from a potential PR nightmare, to varying degrees of success. Diffusion lines easily out-shined their designer homes.  An editrix reinvented herself amidst a sea of rumors without losing a beat.  And underaged fashionistas grew up in front of our very eyes. Here are our picks for the 25 most memorable and stylish moments of 2011. 

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