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Quoteworthies from Bridesmaids…From the Mouth of Fashion Indie

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Six awful dresses and a fat girl… sign me up. Wait, seriously? That just came out of me?? Well, I’m actually super stoked to subject myself to tacky satin and “ugly shoes” all because Kristen Wiig and Judd Apatow are responsible for it. The studio that created Knocked Up, Anchorman, The Hangover, and every other notably quotable comedy of the past 7 years has released a female fronted film of highlarious proportions. Or as Maya Rudolph put it in an interview with EW, ”A comedy, with vaginas everywhere.” Quoteworthies from Bridesmaids ahead.

What all the rave reviews might not be telling you about Bridesmaids is that the Fashion Indie Editors* are in the Bridal Party.

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Barbie Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka, Lady BaBa

Entertainment Weekly celebrates the Year in Gaga by recreating her greatest moments featuring America’s favorite plastic doll. And Barbie.

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EW Chooses Taylor Swift As Entertainer of the Year; 2010 Officially the Worst Year Ever

Taylor Swift is Entertainment Weekly‘s youngest ever “Entertainer of the Year.”And for some reason I want to burn every issue of Entertainment Weekly just to get that snide smirk off of her face.

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Jake and Anne Threeway for EW

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway get all nakey on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, shot by James White on three separate covers: romantic, giggly and repressed sexuality.

Ryan Reynolds Covers EW As The Green Lantern

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Who else is super excited to see the movie Green Lantern?  I mean you get to see the best of both worlds: a awesome superhero flick and Ryan Reynolds in tights.

The Girls Of “Sex” Cover Entertainment Weekly

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Everyone is catching “Sex fever” again. I must I say have also caught the disease and I hope the movie is well worth it. The ladies look fabulous on the cover of EW. This looks tens times better than the original ad for the movie. Read the rest…

SPREAD: Kesha’s Gets Wild for Entertainment Weekly

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Pop phenom Ke$ha goes all out for her latest photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly. The LA party girl is really making an impact with her song Tik Tok, which is currently number one on the charts knocking off heavy weights like Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I’m really amazed at this rising star, but hope she’s not another one hit wonder we’ll soon forget.

Sidenote, how bad do you want her shoes? Seriously, I’d take it back to the 90′s and jack her shit like she was wearing the latest Jordan’s if I knew they were my size.

PREVIEW: New Moon Outtakes From Entertainment Weekly

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Too much eye makeup for Kristen Stewart? I wish Robby left his hair long. Check this out soon in Entertainment Weekly

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FIRST LOOK: New Moon Promo Pics

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Looking racy! A shoot last year from James White was published by Entertainment Weekly as promo for New Moon. Wait until November to see this!


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First Look: Lauren Conrad in Entertainment Weekly

Lauren Conrad-and a giant camera lens-cover this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly. In her cover story with EW, the wealthy fashion maven, poked fun at her ever-present entourage of paparazzi (hence the cover photo). The Princess of MTV also offered a few spoilers on the new season of The Hills, debuting August 18th at 10 p.m.

“It’s about empowering girls,” Lauren says of the explosive reaity series. “You’re gonna have bad boyfriends and best friends-turned-enemies. You need to be yourself, you need to work hard and you’ll get there.”

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