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New Tom Ford Ad! No Visible Peen Either!

New Tom Ford Ad! No Visible Peen Either!  fashion

Can’t wait until the September issues for all the new fall campaigns? Well here’s a preview of the new women’s fragrance . Seriously ? Isn’t patchouli the official scent of hippies? Ford chose to represent his haute-hippie scent. keeps on surprising! Who would have put and high fashion together? The black and white ad was shot by Mert and Marcus (who else?). Ford said of the ad: “I wanted to continue with that stylized, glossy image [which the designer started with his Black Orchid fragrance ads in 2006], and not too many people are doing black-and-white ads right now, which was also a consideration.” Always thinking Mr. Ford! We all know you’re the best marketer in the biz!


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