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CULTURE | November 6

5 Ridiculously Awesome Obama Products

Election Day has at last arrived!  If you’re still having trouble deciding on a candidate, what better to influence you than some ridiculously amazing political propaganda?  We turned to our friends at Etsy for everything from Obama themed stilettos to a light saber wielding poster.  Buy yours now to wear at the polls! 

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What To Wear To Electric Zoo

It’s that time of year again; flashing lights, pulsing beats and a lot of sweat.  Electric Zoo’s lineup is INSANE this year, including Benny Benassi, Ferry Corsten and Tiësto.  If these guys can produce such killer beats, you for sure can dress yourself suitable for the festival.  Though, if you’re struggling with what to wear, here are 5 rad FashionIndie approved outfits.

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Portlandia goes LuLu for Vintage

And I’m back! With plenty more to share in the way of #INDIExUS. Like this vintage haunt in Portland that sent me packing with an 89-year-old’s 70s printed tricot maxi skirt. LuLu presides over her shop, which she recently took from Etsy to brick and mortar with checkered floors. We checked it out for you, all the way from LuLu’s Vintage in the great Portlandia. 

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Notoriety By Neon: Getting Noticed

Are you an ‘actor’ in L.A., dying to stand out? The bad news is you definitely probably won’t, ever. The great news is you can wear some fluorescent neon and be your own star. But seriously, this isn’t normal neon – you really will stand out from miles away.

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Concert Clothes: What To Wear, Where

With summer comes an abundance of concerts.  From festivals to nightclubs, artists from every genre are booking themselves up for the next few months.  Between mosh pits to classy, sit down performances, here are 5 looks to wear to each type of concert.

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Spring Cleaning: 5 Accessory Organization Tips to Keep You Sane

Accessories – because of their small size, they can be very difficult to keep organized. Jewelry becomes tangled, scarves get buried and shoes lose mates under the couch and bed. But taking the time to categorize and store your accessories in an orderly manner can work wonders for your space and sanity. Check out our 5 accessory organization tips after the jump and discover how easy it is to keep order.

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