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Life After Top Model: Eva Marcille

Princess Glover August 29 at 12:30 | Comments

Life After Top Model: Eva Marcille photo

So we’re all aware that Eva the Diva from cycle two has experienced immense success since her win. She wasn’t that hard to miss for a while (especially in bad BET movies), and has managed to become a prominent fixture in the media. But after a brief haitus, it seems that Eva has resurfaced, doing what she was trained to do. As we all know it’s imperative that Top Model contestants learn to execute commercials and take cursory acting classes taught by overzealous coaches, happy to finally get their fifteen. Where does this kind of training become useful? In cheesy soap operas, of course.

In The Young and the Restless, Marcille’s character, Tyra (coincidence?) is a young mother, and potential homewrecker trying to seek refuge in Genoa City in an attempt to leave behind her hard knock life. The role was intended to be temporary, but according to recent reports, writers will be making changes to keep her in soap land, due to a successful response to her alter ego. So I guess having to hawk Campbell’s soup in Japanese wasn’t all for naught.

Check out the video here, sorry we couldn’t grab it, the code was disabled