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FASHIONVILLE | September 18

This DIY Foot Scrub is Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Summertime is notorious for drying out skin.  Walking in sandals for too long can make your feet cracked and dry, and weekly pedicures can rack up quite the bill.  That being said, if you keep good care of your feet and exfoliate a few times a week, you can avoid the painful cracking.  We’ve created a powerful foot scrub that will keep your feet feeling fresh and deliciously soft.

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BEAUTYFUL | January 4

Beauty Vixen: The 16 Resolutions To Live By

It might be considered a little too late to create a New Year’s resolution, but in a perfect world where good things happen, it’s never too late to change for the better. Especially when talking beauty. And so, I went on a mission through my favorite beauty blogs to discover for you beauty babies out there what to focus on this year to be extra wicked and golden for 2012!

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BEAUTYFUL | November 30

Food to Feed Your Skin: Eat Well & Get Glowing

What we eat effects our beauty routines, especially our complexions. You’ve all heard the rumor chocolate can cause breakouts, but how do you know what to believe and what information to leave by the wayside? True, too much refined sugar found in certain types of milk chocolate, and dairy products in general, spikes levels of insulin, opening a male hormone called androgen. And our little masculine hormone friends can plug pores and activate oil glands, resulting in nettlesome acne. But rather than telling you more of what you shouldn’t eat, because it varies from person to person, we have a list of superfoods to feed your skin. Get your daily dose of these vitamins and minerals, and you’ll have a glowing complexion in no time.

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