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Yet Another Eyelash Remedy

Yet Another Eyelash Remedy fashion

First there was the vibrating mascara and the “S” shaped wand, then came along Latisse and a multitude of other lash remedies. With so many ideas out there, sometimes it’s tough to pick the perfect one just for you, but I’m sorry to say it may just get tougher as yet another lash remedy has hit store shelves.

 This certainly isn’t your standard eyelash curler ladies, in fact, it’s a curling iron, for your lashes! The curler heats up the same way you would heat up a curler to give your locks some curls. Personally this would make me a little nervous, heat on your lashes? For some reason it just doesn’t sound like a very safe result. But those who have tried it say it works like a charm, puts that instant curl in your lash that sticks around for hours. Who knows, maybe I’ll give in.

LINKAGE: Beauty Snob

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