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CULTURE, MEN'S / February 23 2012 1:05 PM

12 Social Media Founders Gone Sexy

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Our idea of a perfect man? Abs you can wash your dirty clothes clean on + a brain that creates and codes social media empires. Give me an ass you can bounce a dime off and a back sculpted from marble, and I’m listening. Which is why, in our steamiest fantasies, we can Instagram the nerdy social media founding Twits into a sexy Facebooks that make  us go Googley-eyed. From [four]square to super stud.

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NEWS / February 14 2012 7:28 AM

Dior Has, Like, the Most “Liked” Posts on Facebook

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A little scandal never hurt anyone. Just ask Bernard Arnault and the folks at Chrisitan Dior. While Converse is the most liked brand on Facebook with over 22 million fans, Dior’s 6.5 million fans ain’t nothing to sneeze at; particularly since more than 153,000 of them liked the posts Dior added in January. Compare that to the 100,000-plus post likes at Converse and it looks like quality trumps quantity — a first in Facebook’s short but trashy history.

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NEWS / January 10 2012 6:32 PM

INDIE NEWSROOM: Lindsay Lohan for Philipp Plein…Brandy & Monica Continue to Discuss If “The Boy Is Mine”…Facebook for Zombies

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- Lindsay Lohan‘s sultry ads for German designer Philipp Plein have hit the interwebs, proving that despite being virtually unemployable and not knowing where her next prison sentence is coming from, girl can turn it out at the drop of a dime. Or at least a dime bag. [Accidental Sexiness]

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GIRLS, MEN'S, NEWS, SCENTS / January 10 2012 8:18 AM

Axe to Release Anarchy on Men and Women: Scent Goes Unisex-y

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Axe Body Spray – otherwise known as that pungent aroma that hits you like a ton of oddly-scented bricks whenever driving through Jersey, passing by a teenage boys’ locker room, or dropping it like it’s hot on a crowded dancefloor — was once only the domain of hormonally-raging young boys and men, but the times they are a-changin’. Axe introduces its first women’s scent today, the chaotically-themed Anarchy, perfect for the inevitable end of the world and/or beginning of a nation of questionably-smelling youth.

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CULTURE, FASHION, NEWS / September 1 2011 6:12 AM

No Love Lost Between Lady Gaga and Cathy Horyn

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When Lady Gaga‘s video for “Edge of Glory” premiered, New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, never one to mince words, was not having it:

In a week, I told myself, Lady Gaga’s vintage Versace studs…will be history. If that. “Never be afraid to dream,” she tweeted to her followers, but I had already unfollowed, like a skiff breaking from its moorings. Goodbye!

Now Gaga returns the favor in her latest column for V Magazine.

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