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FASHION, MODEL LUST / September 22 2011 1:16 AM

Note The Nudity: Karlie Kloss, Mario Testino, And Other Inappropriate Comments

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Let’s just say that Karlie Kloss posing almost in the nude for Allure Magazine’s October 2011 issue (keyword almost) is really stirring things up- Especially with Fashion Copious’ quote “No agent/agency should [any longer] allow their girls to be shot by [Mario] Testino” offending quite a few people.  Along with and Vanity Fair all being under the spell of shock. Then again let’s face it.. if you were Karlie Kloss -who by the way is the answer to all modeling prayers and yes, only nineteen years old (which really means like 30 in modeling years) you would be all over this shoot. What’s more offensive, the Mario Testino quote or the Kloss nudity?

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BACKSTAGE, Mens / July 19 2010 12:05 PM

Lydia Hearst is a B-Movie Scientist

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Tyson on Tyson: Mike Tyson bares his soul: “Objectively, I’m a pig.” On the upside, they let him hug a little girl. So there’s that. DETAILS

Not Kidding: Stop whatever you are doing right now and go watch For a Few Dollars More. A.V. Club

A Gentleman’s Guide to Public Sex: Esky drops some wisdom on having sex in places where sex is not usually had. We’d add this: maybe bring a blanket. Esquire

Wise Words: A generation of web folk pass on the wisdom they’ve picked up along the way. Sadly, very little of it concerns public sex. The 99 Percent


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