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Older stories
DESIGNER DAILY / October 18 2012 1:14 PM

Young British Designer Masters Jewelry and Clothing Fusion

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Why should jewelry and fashion ever be separate? It’s a question Kirsty Ward asks herself, and answers through her designs, they shouldn’t. The Central Saint Martins master creates both jewelry and clothing, and blurs the line of where one ends and the other begins. Her extraordinary cuts, highlighted with bound seams and contrasting layers, are all a part of the accessorizing game. See Spring ’13, and understand why we’re so enamored. 

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DESIGNER DAILY, FASHION / June 28 2012 10:11 AM

Family Ties (and Prints) of Daisy Darche

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It’s a family affair at Daisy Darche. The vision is that of Alex d’Arche, while mom Eva is the producer, bringing shapes to life on a large scale, and dad Phillip is the “printing magician.” With custom printing in-house, a wealth of support all around and an aesthetic honed by years of Asian and African studies, this British familial team outfits spring with kimono-like silhouettes and what looks like a print of line theory. 

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FASHION / May 10 2012 3:50 PM

DESIGNER DAILY: Factory by Erik Hart

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Out of a stark white live-in studio in Downtown L.A. comes the experimental clothing of Erik Hart. He explains, “It’s always an exercise in the tension of dichotomy. I like to take a garment to the purest essence of what they want to be. I have no interest in the excess or the ornamental. I don’t do trends.”

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FASHION, MEN'S / May 7 2012 10:19 AM


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As if shrouded by the fog that covers the InAisce site, designer Jona keeps his last name undisclosed, and sends clothing down from the summit formed in structures anew. “See. Get. Reach,” InAisce proclaims, seeing, getting and reaching the future of menswear by means of deconstruction and a tight rebuild.

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FASHION / May 3 2012 11:44 AM


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Alice McCall knows what women want to wear right now. Sheer palazzo pants, bold prints over bright stripes, prairie-leaning leather shorts and bell sleeves with eyelets have landed her in over 165 stores in 10 countries. This Aussie got her fashionable start in London working for MTV styling the Stylissimo series, where she got the opportunity to dress Natalie Imbruglia. From there she launched her own styling firm Torn and thus has worked with lady powerhouses like Kelis, Destiny’s Child , Blondie and Marianne Faithful. During this time, she started selling her one-off 50s inspired silk print tops that were snatched up by Kate Moss and influential others. After stints designing for companies like Buddhist Punk, she launched her own label Alice McCALL in 2004. And here we are, Fall 2012. 

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FASHION / May 1 2012 12:09 PM


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With reminiscent yet forward thinking silhouettes, Suzanne Rae understands the modern young sophisticate, because she is one. The Parsons grad has worked art galleries as well as ateliers in Milan. Now she makes her first samples out of her Brooklyn home as she teams up with local artists for prints and proudly produces with sustainable fabrics in the Garment Center of NYC. With Brooklyn based filmmaker Alexandra Roxo, the Spring 2012 collection awakens in the heart of the forest and the pure.

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