The Politics of Fashion Photography # 2

The networking challenge
Before jumping head first in to this subject, it is important that you do your homework. But before doing your homework, you need to know what to study. All magazines of repute have a very specific hierarchy. It generally goes as follows. Publisher, Editor in Chief, Creative and or Art Director, Fashion Director, Beauty Director and Fashion and Beauty Editors.
To add to the mix, most of these magazines use outside sources of Fashion ad Beauty Editors who work freelance for several of the Top Fashion Magazines. It is your job to decide [READ MORE]

Are Bloggers Fashion Editors?

I personally consider myself a fashion editor. Sure, it probably isn’t as difficult to be me than Kate Lanphear, but the work I do and the reach our site has can easily be compared. has asked the question ‘Are bloggers considered fashion editors?’  to the likes of Hilary Alexander, Fracana Sozzani, Kate Lanphear, Zanna Roberts and Nina Garcia. Here are their responses.

TWITS: Are Fashion Editors Still Street Heroes?

In response to the Jak & Jil + collab, someone isn’t happy that fashion editors are the newest street heroes…but we’re still real people too!

What do you think..should fashion editors be axed from street style blogs?
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