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FASHION, STREETSTYLE / October 22 2012 12:14 PM

From Eyelid Surgery to His & Hers Matching Underwear: How Far Do South Koreans Go For Fashion?

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Remember when your parents gave you money for graduation, and your boyfriend splurged on a nice piece of jewelry? Well, for South Korean girls, common gifts are more like plastic surgery from your parents and a pair of matching underwear from your boyfriend. From eyelid surgery to deep a deep desire to look more “western,” the young generation of Seoul dish on their perfect look, the K-Pop sensation and shopping at 3 a.m in VICE’s latest installment of Fashion Week Internationale.

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CULTURE, FASHION / February 2 2012 3:12 PM

Fashion Week Internationale Wraps Up Its First Season in the Most Homophobic Place on Earth

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You can’t keep a good gay down. At least that’s what I took away from the season finale of VICE‘s Fashion Week Internationale on Nigeria, a country of enormous civil unrest and institutionalized homophobia. However, while same sex marriage is a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison,  hostess with the mostest Charlet Duboc learned that to get ahead in the burgeoning Nigerian fashion industry — or anywhere in Nigeria, for that matter — it (allegedly) behooves one to be a friend of Dorothy. Duboc couldn’t help but notice this conflicting duality which seems to mark the entire country during her time in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city:

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CULTURE / November 10 2011 3:02 PM

VICE’s Fashion Week Internationale Blows Through Colombia

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VICE‘s Charlet Duboc took a trip down South American way to attend Colombia Fashion Week in Medellin — formerly the stomping grounds of drug czar, Pablo Escobar – in the third installment of the mag’s unconventional documentary series, Fashion Week Internationale.  There, she found a startling contrast between the country’s coked-up past and its bid to be taken seriously as a fashion capital. Whereas the models of Columbia Moda were the usual breed of leggy, thin, Anglo catwalker seen in Milan, London, Paris and New York; at a separate fashion week, Columbia para el Mundo, booty was king.

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CULTURE / November 8 2011 5:09 PM

International Fashion Weeks: Waste of Time or Next Frontier?

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Glenda Bailey‘s not going to go to Richmond, VA, fashion week.” This quote from CFDA CEO Steven Kolb basically sums up the fashion industry’s attitude when it comes to fashion weeks outside of the big four: New York, London, Paris and Milan. Fashion is elitist, with the haves being vastly outweighed by the have-nots. A small cadre of editors, designers, photographers, stylists and — most importantly — businessmen control this billion dollar industry, but the cracks are beginning to appear in the facade. Milan’s breaking rank and challenging the fashion week calendar and in response Condé Nast has vowed that no Vogue editors will be in attendance should Milan continue its catwalk of impertinence. China is outspending both America and Europe in the luxury sector and many brands are opening stores in the Far East to meet this ever-expanding market. Then there are the some 100 other fashion weeks around the world, showcasing local young, up-and-coming and often, rather talented designers who, while not garnering the attention of Harper’s Bazaar‘s esteemed editrix in chief, are contributing to their own cities’ and countries’ burgeoning fashion industries. 

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CULTURE, FASHION / October 4 2011 1:56 PM

Vice Magazine Kicks Off New Web Series, Fashion Week Internationale

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Last night, Sam, Mac and I went to Vice Magazine‘s admittedly badass office in Williamsburg for the premiere of their new series on, Fashion Week Internationale. Devoted to the world of fashion not constricted to the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, each episode of FWI explores fashion weeks from a unique perspective; from countries in political and economic unrest to shows centered around unconventional themes. To wit, the first two installments of the series covers Islamabad’s second ever fashion week and New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week.

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CULTURE, FASHION, NEWS / September 28 2011 7:42 AM

Fashion’s Got a New Vice

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“As I’m sure you know, being in a crowd while on acid is the worst thing in the world [True]. As I’m sure you also know, fashion people are the worst people in the entire world [Unfortunately, doubly true].” So begins Vice Magazine‘s “coverage” of London Fashion Week. Sending a young girl named Elektra to Topshop Unique‘s spring 2012 runway show on acid is such a Vice thing to do — and Vice is sooooo 10 years ago that I didn’t even realize it was still corrupting youth. But I’m glad that someone is…besides Justin Bieber. Vice‘s experiment in experimentation proved successful enough, however, that those kooky kids are broadening their coverage of fashion…in their own unique way.

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