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SHOE ENVY: The Mojito Shoe, a Twisted Work of Architectural Cobbling

Unaccompanied by a foot, the Mojito Shoe doesn’t appear to be a shoe but rather a sculptural installation in a modern art museum. There is no complete sole. The heel and support structure are molded from one continuous piece that bounces and splashes around the foot like a ribbon flowing in an air current. The material is something you’re more likely to find at a high-end sports car expo than a shoe store. Whatever it is, we want a pair.

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Prada, Armani and Lauren Among Forbes Fashion Billionaires

Forbes Magazine, that wealth of celebrity-earnings knowledge, has published its 25th annual list of the world’s billionaires — all 1,226 of them. Their combined net worth is $4.26 trillion, or to put things in perspective: about a third of the U.S. national debt; or if they decided to break off and form their own country, Billionaire Island, the world’s fourth largest GDP. Besides Spanx founder Sara Blakely‘s debut, the fashion industry made a decent showing on the list with Miuccia Prada returning after a six-year absence.

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Forbes’ 30 Under 30: Or, Why You Should Probably Step Your Game Up

Aaliyah once said “Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number.” Of course she was 15 at the time and boinking R. Kelly, but that’s neither here nor there. Forbes Magazine, always list-happy, doesn’t believe in that mantra and therefore decided to rank the top 30 “disrupters” under 30 years of age, each in twelve categories, including art, media, music, energy, finance and technology. And just after I had finished going through my quarter-life crisis — looks like I (once again!) picked the wrong day to stop huffing glue.

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CULTURE CLUB | November 7

Fei Fei Sun’s Guide to Shanghai and Designers to Watch

About three years ago, Fei Fei Sun was just a gal about China, hangin’ with her boyfriend in Shanghai. Several Paris Fashion Week video viewings later, and she’s got the bug to wear it all; to be there in it. Fortunately her razor sharp jawline and chameleon abilities have allowed just that and she skyrocketed her to the fashion stratosphere.. Her first season out, she walked 30 shows without knowing a lick of English. Which I suppose proves the point that you can get by on just your good looks (and in this case, polite, intuitive silence and a fearsome smize). If you turn the tables and find yourself in Shanghai without knowing a damn word in Chinese, check what Fei Fei Sun advises you eat, see and shop in her city.

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Brazilian Slum Pulls Itself Up By Flip-Flop Strap

While we’ve been busy handing out Model Citizen Awards, we found a real live model citizen in the rough slums of Brazil. One tough bid, Silvinha Oliveira found her way out, worked her way through fashion school, turned away her nose up at the frivolity of high fashion’s industry and, instead, brought it back to the favelas to flourish. Upon imparting her sartorial knowledge to a few women in the community, she was able to start her own company: Retalhos Cariocas. She takes scraps of factories’ leftover fabrics and uses them to transform the country’s ubiquitous Havaianas into gladiators, booties, wrap shoes and more. All at once, Silvinha is giving fabric andher neighbors a second chance at life.

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Forbes Ranks Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actresses

Forbes Magazine, which clearly has nothing better to do than feed into society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity by enumerating their incomes based on conjecture, scientific (I’m guessing) estimates and good ole hearsay, has come out with its list of “Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses.” The list, which reads like a “Really? Her?” of A-list “talent,” is topped by supermom and noted bare-faced adventurer Angelina Jolie who ties with the “actress” formerly (and forever) known as Carrie Bradshaw, one Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker.  Full list after the jump.

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