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BEAUTYFUL | November 8

Can’t Afford a $10,000 Gucci Premiere Gown? It’s Ok, You Can Still Buy The Perfume

Following last year’s gold bottled fragrance Gucci Guilty, the house of Gucci celebrates its iconic status with their newest scent: Gucci Premiere.  Inspired by the highly coveted gowns of the Gucci Premiere couture collection that debuted at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, the fragrance allows your to feel like a glamorous movie star, without breaking the bank. 

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BEAUTYFUL | October 25

Create Your Own Perfume At These 4 Stores!

Ever wanted to create your own perfume, but are too scared to concoct some overpowering scent bomb of yuck? And you’re right!  Mixing two of your favorite perfumes can be disastrous.  When you buy a perfume at a store it already contains multiple notes.  Single note scents are the perfect ingredient when creating your own scent, and these 4 shops will guide you along the way.

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BEAUTYFUL | October 17

Interview: Christina Aguilera Explains Her New Fragrance, Red Sin

Xtina is back with a brand new fragrance – Red Sin. With a new album launching, a new boyfriend in tow, and wrapping up another season on the Voice, the sultry songstress certainly isn’t at a lack of new projects.  As her 5th fragrance in the Christina Aguilera collection, she indulged us in this exclusive chat on how she came up with this sultry new scent.

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