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INDIE NEWSROOM: Gaga Turns Her Nose Up at Coke…Taxpayer Dollars Fund Gay Penis Size Study…Not -So-Friendly Friends with Benefits

- While chatting with Howard Stern, Lady Gaga discussed how she coped with the stresses of chasing The Fame and suggested her Monsters don’t follow in her 12-inch tranny-heeled footsteps: “To any little sweethearts that are listening … don’t touch [cocaine], it’s the devil.” Some say devil, I say where’s the rolled up Franklin? [MTV]

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Top 10 Most Stylish Ingénues

Hollywood is buzzing with ingénues — young actresses who are typically cast as innocent or naïve characters, which is ironic in itself since there’s nothing innocent or naïve about anyone in Hollywood. There are, however, a crop of lovely ladies who stand head and collar bone above the pack, due to their talent, their beauty and their sense of style. Of course, one could argue that they all have a team of stylists and professional gays that keep them looking flawless, but you can throw anyone in couture; some sink while others end up doing backstrokes all over the competition. These are the 10 gals who are setting both the screen and red carpet ablaze. Let ‘em burn!

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Mila Kunis in Couture and on Comedy

I’m just gonna say it, I love Mila Kunis. Besides the fact that this happened, she’s really been turning it up and out on the red carpet as of late. Now in Los Angeles Times Magazine she gets a sultry photoshoot lensed by Ruven Afanador and styled by Hayley Atkin. Not only is she gorgeous, talented and pint-sized, but she also loves the comedy. I really need to behag* her ASAP.

Mila Kunis in Couture and on Comedy

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Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Had the Same Idea After ‘Black Swan’

Natalie: “Let’s just stop acting.”

Mila: “Shut. Up. I was just thinking that.”

Natalie: “We proved ourselves, right?”

Mila: “Whatevs, I used to be on a show with Ashton Kutcher. People are surprised I still have a career.”

Natalie: “You know, I’m going to do a movie about best friends who just happen to have sex.”

Mila: “Nat, get out of my head. And back into my bed so I can continue sapphing it up with you.”

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Had the Same Idea After Black Swan

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