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RANDOM COOL SHIT / January 3 2012 10:45 AM

Walk in the Light You Spray from a Can

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You know how important the label is. A quality tag is important. Which is why you can now tag your own pictures, graffiti style. But you’re a class act, and pretty savvy with a camera, so instead of getting your hands and lungs dirty with a can of spray paint, you’re just going to spray in the light. I mean with the light. Okay, Photojojo Glow Graffiti Can is kind of hard to explain. Instead of paint coming out of the nozzle, it’s an LCD light. And when you take a picture on a really long exposure, you can paint your photos like this.

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BACKSTAGE, CULTURE / September 13 2011 9:59 AM

STREET-ART FAVES: Photos to Entice the Urban Explorer

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Culture-bots all over NY have an opinion about their favorite spots to oggle street-art and this zeitgeist reporter is no different. This year has been an especially exciting time for the country’s most controversial canvasses. Between the Banksy documentary, news that graffiti mecca 5 Pointz will be closing, and the “Art in the Streets” exhibition at LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the walls and buildings in the five boroughs have been getting just as much attention as any runway during fashion week. We’re here to help you feel included in the conversation – to make sure that you can throw down with an avenue (or two) that boasts tags, colors, and something truly special or unique. In the spirit of the museum round-up we presented a few weeks ago, here are some noteworthy spots to view urban Picasso’s throughout New York.

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Uncategorized / September 17 2008 9:30 AM

Insa Heels

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Insa HeelsLondon-based graffiti artist Insa and shoe designer Ruth Shaw have teamed up for Insa Heels, whose website officially launches today.

“The Cigarette,” is the first style so far, available in three designs (“The Levishan” colorway is above). The stilleto is leather with a high gloss finish. Insa appeals to a wide demographic by combining the sex appeal of a spike heel with modern streetwear graphics.

The shoes sell for about $400.

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