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LINKLOVIN | August 22

Grimes Releases New Music Video, Hipsters Start Wearing Metal Bikinis and Accessorize with Snakes

If you haven’t heard of the etherial indie star Grimes yet, then you’re about to be really confused. The new wavy grungy and most the time grimy drug pixie just dropped her latest video “Genesis” off her album and its’… interesting. We spent 5 and a half minutes watching the singer cruise around the desert in an Escalade with her off-beat friends so you don’t have to. Flip through our play-by-play after the jump. 

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Boutique Critique:: Court: Look 1

Boutique Critique was taken to Court. I can’t get into the specifics of the arrest, but I will fiercely deny any allegations that it involved Rebecca Black and a finely sharpened object last Friday… Well, the trial ensues upon the lacquered black floor of the Court room, with a film noir NY color palette and western-leaning-California vibes; highly suspect if you ask me. Reimagined t-shirts of many weights and structures intersperse silken black dresses, leathers, sweaters and the occasional floor length chiffon. Though the case appeared to be rather black and white, shades of gray and few jumping hues peeked through as evidence of the brighter buying choices. The jury has been out for the whole week, and they want more proof. Over the course of this week, come sit in on the trial, and help us reach a final verdict.

Guilty of lusting after that jacket? Mention FashionIndie and get 15% off everything on the Court room floor.

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Top 10 Best Dressed Man Bands of All Time

Music is just about the ultimate sensory satisfaction. The songs that enliven your soul are created by gods of rock that don’t dare stop at the auditory; the sensation is full faceted. They may not call it fashion, but the greatest bands on the planet know in their blood that how they look helps drive the succes of the music itself. That way, when chicks like me are getting their groove on in the audience, we’re dancing with the pure sexiness on the stage before us – sound, body and soul. Here are the 10 bands* that do it best; fusing their sound to their clothes, dressed the way they rock.

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FASHIONVILLE | February 10

Nicholas K Runway Grunge and a Literal Fall 2011

Swathed in draped velvets and cut flannels with layers of multi textured hunter greens and khaki browns, Nicholas K brought about a scene of remodeled 90′s grunge with a dusting of the 70′s boho. There was a sense of a military nod, but rather toward the veteran returned to peace. Like velvet knickers on a man. Most looks came shirt tied in plaid, defining the waist and a generation. These tops have multiple sleeves, lending themselves to be worn more ways than one. With pieces named “Diggs Reversible” and “Scarf Shrug”, this collection is transformational. But the thick flatform creepers caused quite an issue – - TWO models seriously ate it on the runway, face first. And one was a dude!

Nicholas K Runway Grunge and a Literal Fall 2011

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A Twisted Almost Naked Bedsheet-Chic Karolina Kurkova

This morning beauty editorial by fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier might just be a “just because”  [Karolina Kaurkova] this Czech supermodel is clearly more than the definition of gorgeous, and from rocking 10 million dollar bras to strutting her looks down Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and the long list that keeps on going, let’s look at the not so subliminal message of her badass-chic bedsheet look she’s got going on here. She’s got the shades, the almost naked sex appeal, and she’s rocking that shiny diamond on her dainty finger, wouldn’t you like to wake up to this  Victoria’s Secret model on Valentine’s Day.

A Twisted Almost Naked Bedsheet Chic Karolina Kurkova

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